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Is the Console Market Ready?…

So yesterday Microsoft released the official specifications of their upcoming home console code-named “Xbox Scorpio”. You can find it here.

So my big question is this, in 2017 is the console market ready for “True 4K Gaming”? And after so soon because the PlayStation 4 and XboxOne were just released back only four years ago. Which leads to another question is it time already for a new consoles?

With virtual reality slowly on the rise for both PC and consoles, and with Microsoft, still haven’t released their VR kit named Hololens, who knows when it come out. Console market gaming has a something going for them. But, now with 4K televisions becoming more and more affordable for the market and with 4K edition movies are slowly becoming the new standard. Both Microsoft and Sony have started shifting towards the next big thing, 4K Gaming. As you may know last year Microsoft released the XboxOne S systems for $299.99 with updated features including one of them offering 4K UHD video playback and 4K gaming. Not only that, Sony’s PlayStation big boy console the PlayStation 4 Pro offers the same thing for $100 more just with a bigger internal hard drive.

To me, an upgraded version or generation two of the current existing consoles does make sense to me, but, again at hitting the four-year mark this year is it time for new consoles? You see, think back all the way to 2005 and 2006 when the Xbox360 (2005) and PlayStation 3 (2006) were released for basically ten years both companies pushed their consoles to the max with their first party developers and as well as their third-party friends to further push it along. That to me was the most impressive feat in gaming history, going ten years before making new ones. Now in 2017 with Microsoft announcing Project Scorpio last year at E3, now announcing its official specs it just seems to me that Microsoft is just trying to play catch up with the three steps ahead PC market.

PC gaming and starting which I believe was the Nvidia 970 & 980 series graphics card which offered abilities for 4K was there. But, of course there wasn’t many games that helped enhance PC games to beyond the 1080P scale. Fast Forward to now, many developers are thinking this. Gurrela games successful title Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of PlayStation’s first game to offer 4K gaming. Third-party games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex Mankind Divided to name a few offer 4K enhancements but, not true 4K…yet.

But again, is it time to finally have games render in full 4K? Yes I believe so, is it time for new consoles altogether? No. With the fact that 4K televisions are now at this point a standard in most homes why not? Plus developers can still have their games still render to full 1080P for gamers who still don’t own a 4K TV. One thing I personally hope that most developers still have amazing art where the high graphics can compensate it, where years down the line where gaming will hit the next generation of graphics like 8K for example, we can look back and say, “yea that (insert game title here) still looks good today”.

I am excited for Microsoft next baby in Project Scorpio, I personally am not picking one up. For only because my primary console isn’t any Xbox system, despite me owning a XboxOne, I play just for their exclusives and time to time some third-party games. Do I think the Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever, possibility and I only say that because now its just a battle of who can push out the strongest graphics. Who knows what PlayStation will do, either stay behind their PlayStation 4 Pro, or go ahead and make a new console as well to match the Scorpio specs. My gaming needs are simple, give me some great gameplay which is the most important feature and sure I love a good visual showcase. Yes your game can look beautiful, gorgeous and powerful, but, if the gameplay sucks expect me (and many others) not to play much more of the game.

So what do you guys think? Come probably E3 2017 during Microsoft press event, will you pre-order then trade in your XboxOne for Project Scorpio, or will you sit and wait until games with “True 4K gaming” will catch on? Leave your comments down below.


The Needs & Wants of Destiny 2

With now only five more months until Bungie’s sequel Destiny 2 comes out, I thought I’d share with you guys some much-needed features that Destiny 2 needs mixed with a couple of wants. New Guardians will be rising, lets show the new kids what Destiny is all about.


Bungie has been known to tell amazing stories in their games, look at their previous works of the Halo series before 2010. Those games alone told great stories that made you feel and care for the characters in the cast. In the first installment of Destiny what we got was a rather bland, confusing and poorly told narrative that lead us with more questions than any answer we can get. So the story and writing staff of Bungie needs to come together and tell us a story where we can actually care about the characters like Cayde-6, Ikora Ray and Commander Zavala. One main thing they need to take away is having us players that care about story, should not have to resort going to Bungie site and read little cards to get more explanation of the story. Its one thing if you do in it like a spin-off book like they did for the expanded Halo universe but, it’s another thing if we have to go back and forth between playing the game and following up with the story I just finished to get some closure. That being said, an actual campaign needs to be in Destiny 2.

Destiny offers such great characters that are voiced by great actors and actresses, the time is now to stop wasting their time and have a really tell a story that we can care about. Show character development, matter fact not just characters but, the world too. How long between the events of Destiny and Destiny 2? Has the city gotten better after what happened in Rise of Iron? If they decided to continue the story from there. What is the fate of The Stranger, Eris Morn, and Lord Saladin? Do they come back to help, rebuild and guide us in Destiny 2 or will they just fade into obscurity?


More so about how level up your progress. The core mechanics are fine, I am more so focusing the leveling up process. What I mean by that is, Destiny has a focus about a progress called “Light Level”. Light level is the after progress after you achieved a certain base level like either 25 or 40. Light level will determine how well you fight against the enemy forces. The higher you are the more damage and armor resistance you have against the enemy. I am OK with the mechanic but, I think it needs to change by just making it easier to just find different weapons and gear, like each time you achieve a higher light, gear and weapons should start dropping at higher levels if you can maintain your current light level. Exploration needs to be thing when out and about in Destiny 2. The first game did offer some great areas to explore, but make those worlds fun and rewarding. Take some pointers from Zelda Breath of the World where you explore this one area that is filled with tough enemies, once you have the right level and gear, go back and claim what lies there. Lastly don’t limit how far a player can go when stumbling upon different areas within a planet.

I have always been a fan of the different variety of both ships and sparrows you can collect in Destiny, sadly they have only been visual flare. In Destiny 2 they need to be more useful, for example for the sparrows, the vehicles remind me very much like Speeder Bikes from Star Wars. Speeder Bikes offer a small blaster for self-defense purposes. I understand we have the enemy vehicle types that offer that, but those are only provided in a certain area. If it gets destroyed then you will have to go all the way back to where you first got it. Sparrows are always ready and available for players and it is players main source of travel on land. In Space however, Bungie has done space battles before and I know they can do it again for Destiny 2. I want space battles to be a thing for this game, wouldn’t be cool to see your awesome raid ship have not just a visual flare but also be really powerful too? Well, this needs to happen because why not only just explore the various planets but, space too?

Another aspect that needs to get restructured is the Questing. When it was first officially introduced in The Taken King Expansions there have been some really tough quests that offered very little explanation or clues on moving on with it. Lastly to round-up for gameplay, I hope Bungie can try to get dedicated servers for the multiplayer portion of the game. Too many times where Destiny servers can crash because it uses the same one for the single player gameplay. With the help of dedicated servers can help between multiplayer games and PVE games.

This is just a little thing but, I want to be able to find the legendary Ahamkara monster and tame it. It’s a little random but one of my closet friend said that and I just thought that it sounded really cool. Shout out to him for suggesting that. I really want to get rid of items like Ether seeds and various other items that can help with glimmer (which is the in-game currency) and dispose of them when I don’t need it anymore. You can start your own store with those if you collect enough of them. Trading is something I have been asking for, it can be make things easier. For example lets say if I have a ton of materials but a friend needs some instead of farming I can just send him some. Little things that like can help out not only your friends but yourself as well for clearing out inventory.


So those are just a few of my friends and I suggestions that we want in the upcoming Destiny 2 game. What are somethings you want to see or go in Destiny 2 down below.

Destiny 2 will launch this Fall

So after years of speculating, wondering and asking, September 8th Bungie will release the long-awaited sequel Destiny 2. Today the released the trailer for the game. Looks like this time around it will be a truly story driven game, which is good because that is something I have been asking for since the beginning for the first game. The main enemy focus this time is everyone favorite… The Cabal. Or also known as the bullet sponges of Destiny. I am looking forward to it because out of all enemy faction types, The Cabal is my favorite faction to fight against.


The trailer shows off the loss of the City because The Cabal attacking it and what will be the next plan for the Guardians. This game also shows how close Guardians are to one another and of course the very people they protect. Also for original Guardians, sad to say goodbye of our beloved loot, weapons, and armor for the Cabal somehow destroyed our entire vault. So Bungie will be saying this will be a new clean slate for us Guardians, for I think it is a new era of weapons, armor and different kinds of loot to hunt for. One big surprise is that, it will be coming to PC this time. Which I am happy for, I am personally going on PlayStation 4 myself, but I know players have been asking for PC version for a really long time and yes XboxOne as well. Lastly to wrap it up, Bungie has announced a limited edition for the game that will retail for $99.99 and a collectors for $249.99 I’ll write the details of what is included shortly. An expansion has also been announced as well so if you are ready to go all in you can pre-order it all online store or local retailer. Oh and there is digital deluxe also for $89.99 for the digital users, that will come with the game and expansion pass also.

The Destiny 2 Limited Edition will come with the following:


  • Destiny 2 Base Game
  • Destiny 2 Expansion Pass, get access for both expansions when they become available (probably post launch)
  • Premium digital in-game content:
  • Legendary Sword
  • Legendary Player Emote
  • Cabal Themed Emblem
  • Steelbook case
  • Cabal collectors box that comes with, a booklet with the secrets of the Cabal Empire, Cabal Schematics, collectable postcards images, and Cabal Military Pawns.

Now for $249.99 the collectors with come with the same as the limited edition but, a little bit more:


Comes with a neat and pretty cool looking messenger bag that can double as a backpack and a solar blanket. You can pre-order the game right now at major retailers. I hope to play and fight alongside you guys in this game.

So that will wrap it this time folks, stay tuned for anything Destiny 2 and all other games also. Be sure to follow me for more content, also follow me on social media with @NintendoMikeC on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Happy Gaming and Happy Looting Guardians.

Blaster Master Zero

I love going back and replaying retro games that I have beaten 20 times. Or play retro games for the first time. One in which I heard about but, have never played before in my life, Blaster Master is one of the games. But seeing as I don’t have a Nintendo Entertainment System, Blaster Master Zero will have to be the closets thing to come.

Blaster Master Zero is remaining game done right from the folks over at Inti Creates the same time responsible for other classics such as Mega Man and Mega Ma ZX series of games. You take the role of a boy named Jason who is on a mission to find his pet frog that he lost on the world he lives in. Which happens to infested various mutant creatures, through his adventures he must use his wits and using various types of weapons to over come his obstacles. With his trusty land vehicle SOPHIA III  he will stop at nothing to get his buddy back.

This game features a large exploration world, with many different little caves to explore with Jason. But as you are getting different caves, you can just get there on foot. That’s where SOPHIA comes in, after she is a tank equipped with weapons of her own. As your driving around you will come across little cave like entrances that only Jason walk through. In these sections you control Jason which is where the heart of the gameplay lies. Lastly unlike the original game, this game will feature save stations to help ease the exploration tensions during gameplay.

During this sections you will traverse through areas to find mutants, items for both Jason and SOPHIA. Some of these items will further enhance SOPHIA movements like underwater or moving up and down walls. For Jason, he has an all-in-one weapon with upgrade pick-ups. With these upgrades you select up to nine different weapons for any kind of situations. Need something close range? There is a shotgun mode, want something to protect yourself? A shield mode can be there and reflect back enemy fire. However, what you gain can easily be lost, simply by taking any kind of damage can cause loss of weapon firepower. Try your best to avoid contact with mutants and enemy firepower alike.

Gameplay is awesome, a simple side scroller shooter game some of my favorite kind of games to play. During moments while you are riding on SOPHIA it will be side scroll style shooting all kinds of mutants blocking your progressions. Going back to weapons, not only SOPHIA has nice blaster canon, she also (when found) has a variety of special weapons like homing missiles and underwater mines to name a few. When going to back to control Jason, he can move in all directions up, down, left, right and even diagonal as well. Lets also just say that you keep that direction, easy hold the R button and shoot to your hearts contempt. Later on, you will encounter really cool boss fights these bosses will hold key items to progress further on your journey to find your frog.

Controls are sharp and I mean sharp, a slight nudge up on your control stick will enter you in and out of rooms which at times can get a little annoying when all you want to do is move forward or backwards. But it works really well when having full reign control of Jason. The quickness of moving around can give you quick reaction with what is around you. But can also lead to cheap shots and accidental running into stray bullets moments.

The soundtrack is very present and original just like the original game itself. I find myself humming along to certain area musics and cave music also. The sounds are also great to hear, much like classic NES version, those sounds are here too, with help with higher definition sounding all makes it better.

So should you buy this? Hell yes for only $9.99 on the eShop, this is a great title to play and a great game to play if you are taking a break from Zelda Breath of the Wild. Also this game only launched just a week after the Nintendo Switch did so it almost got the launch title but, oh well. With its exploration which is a reoccurring theme these days, you can easily get hooked playing for 30 minutes to maybe even an hour or more which is a great feeling. So again yes, definitely download this great title, plus if you are a virtual console enthusiast, this is the closet thing to that. Download it now!

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Bungie Made it Official

After almost four years, Bungie’s first-person-shooter role-playing game hybrid “Destiny” is finally wrapping up and being put to bed with its last live event, Age of Triumph. This final event will have players one last time experience every raid, every strike, every story mission and everything else in between in this game successful four-year run which will start tomorrow March 28th 2017. With that said, where one game rests, one shall take its place.

If you haven’t heard this past weekend, the gaming industry exploded with a strong potential of Bungie long talked about, but very secretive “Destiny 2”. To go back further before the leak, back when Bungie released “The Taken King” downloadable content story back in September 2015, fans have been speculating of a Destiny sequel and when it well happen. But, nothing concrete about it. Later after the release of “Rise of Iron” in September 2016, different many reports about a real “Destiny 2” was happening. Well, fast forward to this past weekend this emerged.


That’s right ladies and Gentlemen what you are seeing a poster advertising Destiny 2. This was taken from a UK retailer this past weekend. Now once this was released of course Bungie did not say anything about it. But, as of today they made it official that Destiny 2 is real and it is coming this year.

Now, to me one thing is this that I am disappointed that this game got leaked out this. Why? Because I am sure Bungie wanted to announce this a bigger scale, say E3 2017. But have to change it because of the leak. On the other hand, as someone who have enjoyed playing Destiny since the beginning back in September 9th, 2014 where I started my legend on PlayStation 3, then later on continued it on PlayStation 4. Supported it on its four span buying all of it expanded expansion content mentioned earlier, I am excited. Can I say I enjoyed all of it? Yes I did, the good, the bad and of course its ugly times. Destiny was the game that brought my closets friends closer, even with our mixed opinions we still always made time to play together. Those were some of my enjoyable gaming moments I have and I look forward to the new adventures with Destiny 2.

So am I excited for this? Yes, I have been wanting a sequel to Destiny for quite a long time. But I will give credit to Bungie for pushing the first game for almost four years since it’s release before getting a sequel out. Now I will say, with the potential fact that Destiny 2 could come out this year, I hope Bungie has looked at some of the type of content that can come to this game, opinions from the fans and some strong suggestions for the future of this game series. Some of the things I have been asking for is an easier method to start adventuring in planets instead of having to jump out of a hub area like the The Tower, wait in the ship, choose a destination then wait for the server to load the area, that needs to change. Take the approach of what Ubisoft’s The Division did, you walked into a safe area, once you were done with that area, you are instant the game space where you fight the AI combatants. Ship battles has been something I have been asking for also, having a PVP (player vs player) or PVE (player vs enemy) sessions would be awesome and bring a different pace for the game adding something new and exciting. Bungie did it before with Halo Reach and they sure can do it again for Destiny 2. Those are just a few examples that I would like to see in Destiny 2.

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Only a 3 percent interest in the Switch?

When Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch to the entire world back in January, the next following months was still very quiet about the fact who will back the big N with software for the upcoming hardware. Yes of course during the big press announcement we did see that Atlus, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix to name a few will be there bringing software to the console. Usually every new year, outside of award seasons like the Grammy’s, Golden Globes, and Oscars. We gamers look forward to the big gaming conventions like PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and GDC (Game Developers Conference) which I will get into today’s post.

Before GDC started on February 27th, a survey went out with 4,500 developers taking the survey there was only a little three percent interest of those developers that were interested in making software for the Nintendo Switch. Well then, this just became more interesting check out the article on their official website posted around January 12th below.

GDC Survey

What do I think? Well I will try to keep this brief about it in this post. Is it a little concerning that only three percent of developers are interested? Yes absolutely it is. But, I think because this was taken back in January, and GDC did end on the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I am sure those opinions can change. Matter fact a lot can change within just a few weeks or even months. Lets remember what the Nintendo Switch is, a home console with ability to take it on the go. The ability to communicate with up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles for local play and online multiplayer support. Some of the most basic features that any average core gamer needs. Advantages that a lot of developers can find great use for.

So why no interest? Easy because of the last 5 years and since the release of the PS4 and XboxOne core gamers have committed to the those consoles. Which I find perfectly fine with. However, there are people who do play Nintendo consoles and commit to there’s like the 3DS and even the WiiU. Also with the weeks leading up to the launch of the Switch worldwide consumers are and to this day, three weeks post launch people are still interested. That alone should have developers consider bring some software to it. Though you still can’t find some and retailers have been getting them back in stock Switch consoles are still hard to come by. Consumer interest in the console should be the key motivator for developers bring content to the system. If developers can see the consumer interest, not only making the game on PC, PS4 and XboxOne is automatic, but a Switch version should be considered. To this day there are people still buying PS3 and Xbox360 system pre-owned. With over 40 million PS4s sold worldwide and over 25 million XboxOne units sold some people are still not convinced about those two systems.

This was just my little thought on how industry is taking the approach of the Nintendo Switch. Yes I understand that WiiU did flop in its 4-year cycle and a lot of developers didn’t want to support it, but three percent is better than not interested in it all. The Switch is still young and not a month old yet. We have promising indie titles coming for it in the following weeks in April. E3 is coming this June like I said, opinions could change and I truly believe that. Right now I am fully committed to my Nintendo Switch. I am not saying it because I am a Nintendo fan, I am saying it because I love what the hardware does. The fact I can take it anywhere I go, play it anywhere I go and most importantly have the ability to share my experience with someone else is an awesome feeling.

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Nintendo Switch Over a week later

March 3rd marked a new era for the House of Mario and a new leap into the gaming industry, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. First portable home console, where you can start playing from your television to being outside while continuing your game. After over a week of owning it, how did I personally liked it? Well, without further ado, here is my experience. 

Retailing for $299.99 the Nintendo Switch is the seventh home console for Nintendo. The Switch console is in the form of a tablet where you have not one but, two controllers called Joy-Cons. These two controller attach to the side of the system or can come off and can be shared with another for instant two-player fun. A feature that hasn’t been seen since the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). With a good variety of launch games such as the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, I Am Setsuna, FAST RMX and Snipperclips to name a few, the Nintendo Switch offers titles for any kind of gamer.

The hardware features a 6.2 captive touch screen and a 720p display and running up to 60 frames per second (FPS). Which all the games I have played looks beautiful. Especially with games like Breath of the Wild and FAST RMX. The system can last up to six hours depending on what game your playing, for sure you will get up to three hours for Breath of the Wild. The system has a variety of ways to play your system from modes like TV mode, which you play on your TV. Handheld mode when you attack your Joy-Cons to the side and play anywhere, anytime. Tabletop mode, when you use your Joy-Cons and play two-player games like Shovel Knight and the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (April 28th, 2017). All of these modes of play can fit in any type of gamer. The core gamers that stay at home, the mobile and on-the-go gamer and gamers that want to always share their experience.

Now that we have the formalities out-of-the-way, and speaking of experiences, I want to share with you mines. So when I got home from picking it up, I loved how simple the system set up was and actually how fun it was. It was fun to do a system set up? How can that be? Well, I’ll explain for every step you complete there is a build up sound. The more you complete it, the higher the pitch would get, bringing you one step closer to start playing. The Switch also encourages first time users to do the whole set up on the console itself rather than the TV, which is neat so you can get a good feeling with it.

Once your set up is complete you will be greeted to a very plain white background or black background if you changed it. The UI (User Interface) is simple to get a hold of. You have your power, settings, controllers, eShop, album and news all in the bottom and large tile icons to represent your software. Also, a little tidbit I love is the little noises the Switch UI makes when you make your selections. It varies so if you know someone who has one just take a little tour of the UI and hear the cute noises.

Overall, with its simple UI design and navigation I love the Nintendo Switch. Retail price is good for what you get, I wish I could talk about the system specifications, but, seeing as though both Nintendo and NVIDIA are still keeping quiet about the official specs. Although a blog post from MyNintendoNews posted the other day on what could be the official CPU (central processing unit) of the Switch.

Switch Processing Unit

Also, if you love everything Nintendo and want to stay up-to-date on all things Nintendo, give those guys a follow. They are on the ball with any kind of news for Nintendo systems, games all other things Nintendo. I am not partner with them, just thought I’d give a suggestion.

With all that, good stuff, there is still some bad stuff that I didn’t like. For example, the background, very plain background can be really boring. When you think of Nintendo you think of a very large personality from Mario to Zelda to Metroid and many others, you would think they could’ve made basic gaming wallpapers and backgrounds to give your Switch some personality outside of your icon. Also a little light tune music would’ve been great to have. Much like how the Nintendo 3DS has a little light tune to let you know that your up and running would be a nice feature to have. I hope Nintendo in later updates bring purchasable themes to the Switch just like how the Nintendo 3DS did. Next the basic online functions, which I didn’t get a chance to talk about, sorry for jumping. But, it’s fine, however, since we all have the trial of it, none of the features are there, I would love to send messages to my friends. The only thing you can do is add them and make them a best friend or not. Also, if they become online it doesn’t pop up right away, sometimes it’s a little slow and behind when it does. But I am sure that will change come later updates.

One of the last few things that Nintendo should really address in I hope a next major update is the saves. Right now all game saves are bound to the system storage. Which sucks! Why? Easy because of something happens to your Switch where you have to send it to Nintendo and use our manufacturer warranty you can’t back it up to your micro SD card. This would be devastating not only to me but, too many other player around the world that now, we live in an age of gaming where cloud saves and backup saves to external storage’s are crucial. I hope they can fix that were you can do either or until we have the details of their online service coming this fall. So c’mon Nintendo bring save data options to micro SD please.

Oh and really last thing I promise, but, after watching the Nintendo Nindes showcase last week, the Switch eShop is also really boring compared to both WiiU and 3DS eShops with sappy and catchy shopping music there to greet you and the upcoming section is really light which doesn’t have any of the games talked about from the showcase, but, are on Nintendo game store page. This is only minor but, I am hopeful it will get updated also. If you haven’t seen the Nindes Showcase take a look here:

For more information the games look here: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

With all that said, my final take on the Switch is, if you can find it, buy it. I highly recommend it with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, LEGO City Undercover, Super Mario Odyssey and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming to the Switch plus the amazing indie games coming the Switch in its first year is looking pretty good. It’s future is also looking really bright. If you can’t find it, please check your local retailers and keep an eye on when you can add it to your cart and get it ordered. The system is really fun at parties, or even having long gaming sessions. The Nintendo Switch, I said it before but I will say it again is for anyone and any kind of gamer. I love it and can’t wait for more content coming later this year.

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