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Back Again… Sorry for the absense


Hey guys NintendoMikeC here again and I first want to apologize my long absence. I honestly do not know why I just disappeared but, if you did enjoy my content then I sincerely apologize for just leaving. And hopefully you’ll come back. Now that we got that out of the way, let me share my thoughts on recent gaming topics.

This blog I will share my thoughts on The Game Awards on the night of December 7th.  To get it out of the way, yes I was going for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for Game of the Year. I will give credit and huge congratulations to Player Unknowns Battleground, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Super Mario Odyssey and Persona 5. Now on with it shall we… First I want to say that Geoff Keighley and his entire crew that helped made this years Game Awards a big success. It was really enjoyable and well paced also. And I want to share a big congratulations to Nintendo for winning Best Family, Best Strategy, Best Handheld, Best Action/Adventure, Best Direction and Game of the Year and of course of its 26 total nominations.

One of my favorite moments was the music that was featured. I love music in video games and I think it is the most important thing I look for in game and for Geoff to get an amazing orchestra band to showcase the music of the nights nominees is great way to do it.

The announcements that were (lets face it I am pretty sure you wanted me to talk about this) were great… not amazing but great. First I would like to point out that the teaser trailer for From Software newest game is basically Bloodborne 2… I hope. The trailer only showed what looked like some device, probably for torture and it said that only “Shadows Die Twice”. Which makes it all more the reason for to be a sequel for Bloodborne. I loved the first game so much and it was the game to basically get me into the ‘Souls’ games (even though I only played this and Dark Souls III) but HEY! It’s here and I do really hope it is Bloodborne 2 and it’s been a long time to for it to have a sequel. Anyways moving on before I ramble on too much about my love for Bloodborne.

On to my next love… Bayonetta which she too made an apperence Reggie Fis-Aime was there to announce that Bayonetta 1 & 2 would be coming for Nintendo Switch on Feburary 16th of next year so not long from now. And… wait a second wait no way, is it YES! FINALLY A BAYONETTA 3 will also be coming to Nintendo Switch as an exclusive. Look after the end of Bayonetta 2 it still opened up to another wild fun adventure. I was just sitting and waiting for to it happen. And it did happen! Pretty sure that this will be a 2019 title so we don’t know much on details on what the story will be and could it be the end of Bayonetta journey. Only time will tell.

This next game I am going to share my thoughts, and try to keep it short is Hideo Kojima newest baby… Death Stranding. So for about basically three Game Award shows we have seen this game in some of the most amazing showings and epic showcases of how weird in-yet amazing Kojima-san is. Death Stranding is game where we can assume we play as Normen Reedus character named Sam. The game story is still very much something that the entire gaming industry still doesn’t know yet and we’ll probably going to find out when the game launches on, we don’t know when. If you don’t know Kojima style of storytelling then stop reading and just play any Metal Gear game of HIS (not Koami) and sit back and enjoy. That much of his style is still very much shown here. This trailer by the way guys was over 9 minutes long. Pretty sure when Geoff saw this he was like “Yeah 9 minutes that is totally fine”. What I can say what the trailer showed was an inviscible monster, a Giant whatever you like to call it monster, Sam saying something about explosions and a baby inside him… alive… giving a thumbs up to the camera. If you haven’t seen it go sear… better yet I’ll post here. Again it’s 9 minutes but it is so worth it!


Next game I want share is Soul Caliber VI, everyone’s probably like what third favorite fighting game besides Capcom’s Street Fighter and Namco’s Tekken franchises. I am happy to hear that is coming back, I’ve always wanted to get into the series (casual of course) I’m not that great at games especially in the fighting scene. Hopefully there will be a Switch version so they can do the same approch from Soul Caliber II and bring a certain Nintendo character *cough* Link… *cough* back into the game. Check out the trailer below.


Now that is just a few of the announcements that caught my interest if I miss anymore please share your thoughts below and sorry if I missed any of em. Let’s take a moment and talk about Josef Fares. Who is he? Oh he is the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and his newest upcoming game A Way Out coming out next year. You probably saw that game during EA’s press conference back at E3, it’s really cool game where co-op is basically a MUST in this game otherwise won’t be as fun. But this guy, haha… this guy I am not sure he was drunk or something but, he was a highlight. Why? because of what he did, he before talked about his game talked about how cool the show was with the audience and the location and just the vibes he was enjoying the time. And then he went on like a little rant about how the Oscars is wack and boring it is, I don’t know but it was just a weird highlight that I wanted to talk about lightly.

Overall, I was very happy with the show. Geoff and his crew once again did a great job as I mention before at the top. Notable wins I will shout out are;

Best RPG – Persona 5

Best Indie Game – Cuphead

Best Debut Game – Cuphead

Best Action Game – Wallenstein II

Best VR/AR Game – Resident Evil VII

Best Fighting Game – Injustice 2

Best Sport/Racing Game – Forza Motorsport 7

Those are just some of the big key winners from the nights award show. If you watched the Game Awards share your thoughts in the comments below on your thoughts. What did you like and what did you like?

Thanks for reading see ya soon!


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