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NintendoMikeC Recommendations: April Edition


Hey guys, how are you enjoying Nintendo Switch? Still playing Zelda? Or are you looking for something to pass the time until ARMS or even Splatoon? Well have no fear I have some great recommendations for your Nintendo Switch that you can play for the next big game. So let’s get started!

Starting out, if you like 3D platformers then try out the game Snake Pass. You play as a cute vegetarian snake named Noodle. After waking up from a nap from his buddy Doodle the Hummingbird his home was trashed by some unknown force. Think like a snake to collect coins, bubbles and artifacts (which is most important) to continue on with the level. To move around you must think like a snake of course. Moving left and right will move Noodle faster, coiling around a bamboo pole will help you climb up to grab things of the ledge. As you climb you can grip to move your head around to reach for items to collect. This one of my favorite new 3D platformers of this year already, Snake Pass is on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

Next up we have Graceful Explosion Machine a classic 2D shooter. 2D shooters are some of the most fun ever, even by yourself. You take control of a ship that has 4 different weapons. A beam weapon with unlimited ammo however can burnout if fired too much. A Sword that rotates around the ships to eliminate anyone coming close. Missiles that can be fired in any direction and long-range beam weapon. With all of these different kind of weapons available from the start you’re in for a wild ride. Now one thing to note is all the weapons except for the standard blaster uses ammo, when eliminating enemies on the screen you find little orbs collecting these will replenish your bar so you can continue your assault. But, be careful the enemies are no pushover, the will come in large numbers to surround you. Graceful Explosion Machine is out now on the Switch eShop for $12.99.

You like Nightcrawler from the X-Men series? Then check out Mr. Shifty a game where you play as a teleporting dude and beat up lots and I mean lots of bad guys. The story is simple you play as Mr. Shifty who wears a red cap and long blue trench coat and again beat up bad guys. Purpose is simple, steal some plutonium from this guy named Mr. Stone. With 18 stages to fight through the game through some challenges along the way. Mr. Shifty can die with single hit so be sure to watch out for bullets, missiles, explosions and even fists. Mr. Shifty is out now for the eShop for $14.99

Next up is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I mean c’mon outside of Breath of the Wild this one of the games we all have been waiting to play. A port of the critically acclimend Mario Kart 8 on WiiU, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gets a second wind with new characters of Bowser Jr, King Boo and Inkling Boy & Girl to join the party. A revamped battle mode with the classic area style stages from the previous games. Trust me this is something that everybody wanted and just that classic Mario Kart fun with your friends and family. Mario Kart 8 to me is the best in the series so far even though I have already played this game on my WiiU the fact that I can take that some chaos on the go with me is the most exciting part honestly. When I am out and about I really can’t wait for someone to walk by and ask me to race a few with them. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out now in stores and eShop for $59.99.

So there you have it my Switch game recommendations for the month of April. If you have games that you would like to suggest share with me in the comments below.

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