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Call of Duty: WWII


Today was another big day for Call of Duty fans around the world. Today marked the official announcement of the next entry to the franchise titled “Call of Duty: WWII”. For the first time in a long time I might add, the series will be returning to its World War II roots since the beginning. Why is this exciting? Simple because to me I have been a big fan of old school Call of Duty. I have played the original when first launched. Playing that game with my brothers, Dad and his friends. Saturday nights were awesome. That is just the Call of Duty I have been missing. The last game I played in the series was Black Ops. Since then I have missed out every other game and it was because I couldn’t just follow it anymore. To me after Activision decided to move on from WWII to Modern Warfare those were some of the strongest since then. But, after those games I wasn’t into their future incarnation of the series (Advanced Warfare, Black Ops II-III and Infinite Warfare).

Now that the series is returning to era which in world history was one of the most violent wars that effected many different countries. I am super excited to see how this one will turn out. World War II is one of my favorite historical events. As a military brat growing up watching films that took place on the era always interested me. Films such Saving Private Ryan and Tuskegee Airmen even the HBO mini series Band of Brothers told stories from that war. Reading and learning about was a big interest. One of my favorite operations is the most recognized “D-Day”. The operation to take back France the German Occupants.  Weather it’s storming the beaches or jumping behind enemy lines I hope Call of Duty: WWII can offer great moments.

Personally for me after Modern Warfare 2 I really couldn’t think that the series couldn’t get any better. But, as time moved on, I got tired of the rinse and repeat of the franchise and after Black Ops I was done with the series. To me, the series never innovated itself enough to try to keep me playing and coming back. What the series used to offer was a compelling story with characters that players cared about. Legendary characters like Captain Price and Captain Foley from the original games. Campaigns that were really based on the real thing, such as 101st Airborne Units attacking and taking out long-range German weapons that were hitting the beaches. Or even rescue missions to find lost comrades. Now with the series into the futuristic aspect, playing pretend and situations that’s just too over-the-top for me. The approach that Sledgehammer Games (Advanced Warfare) is now taking back to its roots which is good ol’ fashioned boots on the ground combat is something I needed in the series.

Hopefully now that we got the futuristic vibes out of our systems and just hit the restart button on some shooter franchises we can appreciate it even more. Both Call of Duty: WWII and Battlefield 1 can still show that just having boots on the ground style gameplay is the best way to go. Wall running, high advanced technology and other features are fine, but, nothing beats classic quick movement, quick shooting and see who can fire the fastest always win. Who knows now, DICE after Star Wars Battlefront II, they too will go back to classic World War II as well. It worked out great with them going back to a War era that hasn’t been taken on yet with World War I. I do hope if the game turns out right that I can finally enjoy a Call of Duty game for once after over 6 years of not playing the series. Will I play the multiplayer? Hm depends, I don’t participate a lot in multiplayer, but, for this one I just might.

Check out the trailer if you haven’t. Visually impressive kind of curious to learn about the engine that is running it. Story looks great and like I said it’s just that classic old school, gritty combat that I have been missing from the series. Really glad and can’t wait to play it.


If you’re looking forward to it, share your comments down below.


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