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LEGO City Undercover… A Week Later


Hey guys NintendoMikeC here, how are you guys doing? Sorry for a little bit of lack of content, been busy with work and personal matters but, stay tuned for great content coming soon. That being said, LEGO City Undercover, have you played it before? Or is this your first time playing it? Well, earlier I bought it for my WiiU and the little bit of time I had with it was fun, awesome and enjoyable. Why didn’t I finish it on the WiiU? The Switch and knowing the fact that it would be coming for the Switch. So yes I bought it twice, but with Breath of the Wild finished, LEGO City was the next open world game to tackle on. So far I have about just over 50 percent of the game finished (not bad with only a week).

So lets talk about it, this game you play as the passionate police officer named Chase McCain. He loves protecting the people of LEGO City. Now that Chase is back from a small retirement, his arch-enemy named Rex Fury has escaped from prison after he put him there. It will be up to Chase and his friends Ellie and Frank to support him along the way.

Now that we know what our purpose is, how does the game play? Well much like an open world game, driving and just exploring the City itself is there. However there are many areas where you can access yet. Much like a traditional LEGO games where you need certain characters to unlock areas, this game being as a Police officer and the game does have Undercover in the title, as you partake in the story missions, you will acquire disguise. Ranging in all kinds of variety and not what you expect. Like you can be a miner then disguise yourself to be a firefighter then a space astronaut. There is a total of 7 different disguise that you can use in the overworld and as you go back to discover more secrets in the levels.

Going through levels is simple and straight forward and of course being this is a LEGO game, you get to build amazing things to further progress the level. Of course you will fight criminals and actually handcuff them. Later on you will learn a grapple move so you can throw one bad guy into another or even execute counter moves.

One big new thing you get to collect outside of the studs (in-game currency) you collect building blocks from destroying well…everything. What these building bricks do is another form of currency but, to build amazing structures. Like statues, bridges, call-in points (in case you need a ride) and many more. With over 60 to build located throughout the City better stock up.

Much like in other LEGO games collecting is something that (is not important) but a big factor in the series. From characters, vehicles, red brick and of course gold bricks. There is so much to collect, find and even purchase to get the completion percentage rate up. Again it’s not necessary but, it is something to keep you active during your playthrough. As you play the overworld is so big and there is always something to do too. Like doing free run trails, time trials, chasing after aliens and even stopping a gang from causing trouble. Every where you turn LEGO City has something to keep you busy before you take on your next assignment.

Little things I didn’t enjoy with this game is when your exploring on rooftops in the overworld you don’t get to fully control the camera. Instead it will go into a fixed a position and sometimes can cause some confusion in your sense of direction. Along with that as your driving around the City you can’t control the camera during those moments also. There are some small frame drops in some areas like inside buildings or even when you’re in front of like a water fountain and you jump the frames drop for a moment. Lastly load times are still long in this game. The initial load time from loading a save file is the worse of the bunch I will say. On average it’s about almost two minutes of loading. Really wish they could’ve fixed this from the original game. Outside of that the game looks great and plays great. I have been playing this game on my Switch so on the screen it looks great there too.

Overall, what I will say is that this probably one of the most original LEGO game that isn’t based off a movie like Star Wars or Harry Potter. What it is based on is the actual LEGO City build sets but, with an original story with original characters that you can come to enjoy. This game was originally for the WiiU back when the system launched and it was an exclusive for a long time. Now fast forward to now, Travelers Tale released this game on PlayStation 4 and XboxOne for everyone to finally enjoy this game. Which to me this game can now reach out to more people who never got a chance to play or never own a WiiU. Now they added a co-op option of play which is great so workload can now be split between two players. I highly recommend buying this game either for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 or XboxOne. Only thing I wish is that it would’ve been a cheaper price like $49.99 or even $39.99 this is a 4-year-old game after all.

Give the game a try and if you got little ones and want something new to play together this is it. Also if you enjoyed old school cop movies and TV shows, there is a lot of references to those classics. So keep an eye for it..


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