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Nintendo Direct Post Reaction


Nintendo, I must say, you guys are on a new path that is destined for greatness. I mean that in the most serious way too. Why? Simply because they showed us in this direct that the Switch is going to be a great device to own for gamers and casual gamers alike. But, also for those are super dedicated to their Nintendo 3DS still, don’t worry games are still coming to that platform. This direct, genre variety wise was awesome. There was something for somebody in this direct.

Now of course they didn’t show much major major third-party games from developers but, there was still something. One thing I will take away is that, they still didn’t talk a little bit of Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors or even Skyrim for that matter. Which leads me to believe that we will see those games (and many more) come this E3 which is only 62 days away. Also they are playing really smart too because even though, yes we do want Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors or Xenoblade Chronicles 2, if they showed it early then what do they have to show off at E3? Wait to show off the big ones and even titles that are upcoming in 2018. So good on your Nintendo for giving us the right amount games to talk about now until end of Summer.

So lets talk about 3DS the first thing they talked about, because we all still care about our little bundle of joy. They showed off “Hey Pikmin” which is the new Pikmin game from last year at E3. Instead of the traditional way to play via running around a big world, they went with a 2D side scroller. I like the game and it’s really how cool how they are taking the Pikmin property and putting it in a different scheme. With this game, I do believe that for anyone who never played Pikmin before, then I do believe it’s a great to introduce to newcomers. Next “Ever Oasis” was another title that was talked about last year. I like how this game looks, I enjoy cute RPG journey games with cute stories and meaning. Be in mind that most of these games that I will talk about are all RPGs. Monster Hunter is coming once again to the Nintendo 3DS. Except unlike the traditional style of play, which is basically running and hunting. In Monster Hunter Stories however, you collect monsters to grow and have as your companion. Which I like, it changes the style of play also for the series so that more and more newcomers can try it out.

This year is Kirby’s 25th Anniversary, to celebrate Nintendo is releasing three new games for the 3DS. One of which is out now called Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. Now what this is a little adventure game where you team up with other Kirby’s and take one quests and your fight various bosses from the franchise. Now if you have played Kirby Planet RoboBot or Triple Deluxe, then you might have seen this game before. Now they want to release as a standalone game which is really cool. Followed by another title coming this summer called Kirby’s Blowout Blast which you go through 25 plus stages and get high scores by taking out enemies. Some other mentionable titles were Culdcept revolt which is like a card-board game hybrid game, I never heard of it before but, I am sure that there is an audience that has been looking forward to it.

Now we get to talk about ARMS. Now I never got the chance to play it, but after this direct, I am really looking forward to playing this game with friends and family members (just need another set of Joy-Cons first). But, what I am slightly worried about is this game identity. What I mean by that, is how will this game compare to other fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken. Plus not only that, Nintendo really wants to put their hands in the esport scene then they have to make sure the message is clear with ARMS. Now outside of that I like how they explained that there is much more to the game. For instance the game does have characters that do have a special ability during fights. Like one can block off from incoming attacks and another can stop incoming attacks in the air. Just to name a few, but, Nintendo also showcased that there is plenty of different style of “Arms” to choose from, like example would be fists that have fire attributes, Ice attributes, shock and many more. You can also combine two different arms for different strategy fights, which is really cool and a great way to distinguish players fighting styles. Either way when the game launches on June 16 (right at the end of E3 2017) I will be picking this up. Along with the game there will be a new color Joy-Con (first of many) which is a Neon Yellow color which is this game main color, also a battery back up for Joy-Cons as well for those long sessions. Oh lastly, a new character named MinMin who has that mid-air kick ability and they introduced 2 vs. 2 battles for even more fun.

Next the other big main event, which is Splatoon 2. Now what I like that Nintendo did here is avoid the regluar multiplayer action and instead show off a new mode called Salmon Run. This is basically a horde mode like in Gears of War and Halo. You collect power eggs which you gain from defeating the “Chum” enemies. Later one close to the end of the wave you face against a boss to clear it. Golden eggs will then be dropped after a boss is defeated, which is the main objective of Salmon Run. This right here shows that Nintendo is very much aware of what different game modes that shooters offer. At the end of each Salmon Run, you gain rewards for the mode or maybe also for multiplayer, some fresh cloths if you will. With the fact that you can link up to 8 Switches, playing local or online will be no problem for Salmon Run. Lastly during this segment, new amiibo will be launching alongside the game. Inkling boy, girl and squid in the updated fresh look and previous amiibo will work with this game also. Splatoon 2 launches July 21st and same for the new amiibo.

Lastly this will be quick round of info for Switch games coming later this spring and summer. Minecraft Nintendo Switch version will launch on the eShop first on May 11th, it will come the Super Mario Mash Up Pack. This I am looking forward too, I love Minecraft, never thought that I would be buying this game again for the third time but, I am. Really can’t wait to play as Luigi and explore deep in the depths below. Eight days later, retailer will carry the Nintendo Switch Dock, which I might consider and leave it in my old town for when I visit I won’t have to pack the one I have. It is still on Nintendo’s online store website as well. THQ Nordic announced two games for the summer Sine Mora EX a 2D shooter side scroller and Battle Chasers Nightwar, a classic RPG game with the looks from Darksiders can’t wait for that one. PayDay 2, which is a big surprise from me. This is actually cool because the local play for this I can see can really bring in a crowd. Though this game is a couple of years old, bringing it to the Switch is still a good idea to reach an audience who may have not played it (Me), it launches later this year. Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania is coming also, Mania launches this summer which really goes back to the classic look of the original Sonic games with a fresh coat of paint. Don’t worry this is a new game altogether. Forces will launch later this year probably in the fall, so stay tuned for E3. Ubisoft will bring everybody (except me) Monopoly to the Switch, which can be played in tabletop mode (perfect for parties) or on the TV and will have HD rumble to have the feel of the dice rolling. Great for folks who play games casually. Namco is releasing Namco Musem which is basically a complation of classics such as Pac-Man, Dig Dug and many more. The game will also have a few that can be played multiplayer and even played like in the classic arcade cabinet when you put the Switch upright. It launches later this summer. Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star which is a hack and slash game much like Dynasty Warriors will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on July 25th. So those are some of the other big games from third-party developers and publishers I am excited for a few (Fate/EXTELLA, Battle Chasers to name a few).

Super last, NEW AMIIBO yes thats right, three more Zelda amiibo are coming, Majora’s Mask child link, Twilight Princess Link and Skyward Sword link all coming on July 21st. Bayonetta, Corrion and Cloud amiibo the last three of the Super Smash Bros series amiibo will finally launch in July also. All three will have alternate versions and some will be retailer exclusive.

So overall it was a great direct I must say, a lot of release dates was announced which is even more exciting. My poor PlayStation 4 will get any play time, although I will be playing Destiny 2 but, with the variety of games coming in the rest of spring, summer we still have E3 to wait for, for the rest of the games coming to the Switch. I am crazy excited for more from Nintendo at E3.

What games did you like and are looking forward too? Share your opinions down below!

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