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SquareEnix to focus on Switch first


So I just learned about this the other day, and it excited me a lot actually. So SquareEnix CEO Matsuda-kun was interviewed by Japanese publication Nikkei has said basically that they are focusing on the Nintendo Switch. Check out the interview here.

Why do I like this you ask? Well, simple, I posted a blog where I said SquareEnix can help the Nintendo Switch along with Capcom. It just might seem that it might just happen. A few clip notes as follows:

  • Talks about extending the life of titles through updates and DLC allowing them to continue selling for longer periods of time (FFXV in this case)
  • Notes that releasing titles in Japan than waiting several months to release their titles overseas is not a good business strategy, especially for their story/adventure focused titles and continues to note the importance of worldwide releases
  • Smartphone titles in the first half of 2016 did poorly, their motto this year is ‘something else’ as they have to stand out and be different from the competition in order to attract users on phones and not just continue making these games using the same templates as they have before
  • Smartphone users aren’t just looking for light games anymore, but more hardcore experiences
  • Japan/China/North America account for 80% of the smartphone market, so no need for worldwide releases for smartphone titles
  • Has an interest in the Middle East/India as a potentially large untapped market for the future
  • More announcements to come for FF’s 30th anniversary
  • Notes that 2017 has Nintendo Switch, Xbox Scorpio, Windows 10 game mode and google’s Tango
  • Out of all of these Square Enix is focusing most on Nintendo Switch
  • This part about Switch is interesting. Matsuda said that having more platforms is good for content creators, therefore he would like Switch to be successful. He also wants more titles in development and existing ones to be ported to Switch if they’re possible/feasible.

I almost forgot to mention that the company is also focusing on Microsoft’s upcoming console Project Scorpio as well. But again their main focus right now is the Nintendo Switch. I love this because I enjoy playing SquareEnix games and they are very talented development studio that has brought us classics such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy Tactics to name a few.

Also as of today, a SquareEnix developer has teased on their twitter today with this:

It translate “Top Secret Mission Begins”.

Which couldn’t be even more exciting for Nintendo Switch owners. Now of course it is just a teaser, but, as big as company that SquareEnix is, it’s pretty promising. Of course we know that Dragon Quest IX & X is still coming to the Nintendo Switch along with Dragon Quest Heroes I & II as well. With this news however, this can lead into anything. Maybe ports of Kingdom Heart games, Final Fantasy XV or even the potential of the Final Fantasy VII HD remake. I don’t know, but SquareEnix to me looks like they are going all in for the Nintendo Switch.

This is something I have been hoping to hear, maybe by E3 2017 during Nintendo press even probably via a Nintendo Direct we can learn about those 80 developers that bringing games to the Switch. We know that Nintendo has gotten the support of great Indie Developers, but the real question is who else outside of who we already know (SquareEnix, Bethesda) is developing software for the Nintendo Switch but, what about the other suitors who plan to bring over software? With Square being one of those developers basically “officially/unofficially confirming that they are looking into porting and bringing new IPs to the Switch outside of what they already confirmed. But, man can I say that if and this is one big if, Kingdom Hearts ports can come to the Switch, this can be huge for Switch Players. There are over six Kingdom Hearts games, all filled with possibility hundreds of hours of playtime with each one. This can just draw in more folks who still never played Kingdom Hearts games.

Main series Final Fantasy games is another potential suitor also. Again there is still folks like myself, who still haven’t played Final Fantasy XV. Yes I know it is still available on the other platforms, but to me with SquareEnix saying they want to port over some of their games only if possible, it just makes me want to wait for to announce it, again only if possible. Remember the Switch presentation back in January? Remember the game called “Project Ocotopath”? Well that’s one of the games coming from SquareEnix, which to me looks very interesting. It can be anything like maybe a new Bravely game making its transition to the console, who knows.

Bottom line Switch owners should be excited in the months to come, I am super optimistic of what is to come from the third-party support at E3 this year.

So what do you guys think of what SquareEnix is up to for the Switch? What games you think they should port over for the Switch? Share your thoughts with me down below.



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