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Is the Console Market Ready?…


So yesterday Microsoft released the official specifications of their upcoming home console code-named “Xbox Scorpio”. You can find it here.

So my big question is this, in 2017 is the console market ready for “True 4K Gaming”? And after so soon because the PlayStation 4 and XboxOne were just released back only four years ago. Which leads to another question is it time already for a new consoles?

With virtual reality slowly on the rise for both PC and consoles, and with Microsoft, still haven’t released their VR kit named Hololens, who knows when it come out. Console market gaming has a something going for them. But, now with 4K televisions becoming more and more affordable for the market and with 4K edition movies are slowly becoming the new standard. Both Microsoft and Sony have started shifting towards the next big thing, 4K Gaming. As you may know last year Microsoft released the XboxOne S systems for $299.99 with updated features including one of them offering 4K UHD video playback and 4K gaming. Not only that, Sony’s PlayStation big boy console the PlayStation 4 Pro offers the same thing for $100 more just with a bigger internal hard drive.

To me, an upgraded version or generation two of the current existing consoles does make sense to me, but, again at hitting the four-year mark this year is it time for new consoles? You see, think back all the way to 2005 and 2006 when the Xbox360 (2005) and PlayStation 3 (2006) were released for basically ten years both companies pushed their consoles to the max with their first party developers and as well as their third-party friends to further push it along. That to me was the most impressive feat in gaming history, going ten years before making new ones. Now in 2017 with Microsoft announcing Project Scorpio last year at E3, now announcing its official specs it just seems to me that Microsoft is just trying to play catch up with the three steps ahead PC market.

PC gaming and starting which I believe was the Nvidia 970 & 980 series graphics card which offered abilities for 4K was there. But, of course there wasn’t many games that helped enhance PC games to beyond the 1080P scale. Fast Forward to now, many developers are thinking this. Gurrela games successful title Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of PlayStation’s first game to offer 4K gaming. Third-party games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex Mankind Divided to name a few offer 4K enhancements but, not true 4K…yet.

But again, is it time to finally have games render in full 4K? Yes I believe so, is it time for new consoles altogether? No. With the fact that 4K televisions are now at this point a standard in most homes why not? Plus developers can still have their games still render to full 1080P for gamers who still don’t own a 4K TV. One thing I personally hope that most developers still have amazing art where the high graphics can compensate it, where years down the line where gaming will hit the next generation of graphics like 8K for example, we can look back and say, “yea that (insert game title here) still looks good today”.

I am excited for Microsoft next baby in Project Scorpio, I personally am not picking one up. For only because my primary console isn’t any Xbox system, despite me owning a XboxOne, I play just for their exclusives and time to time some third-party games. Do I think the Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever, possibility and I only say that because now its just a battle of who can push out the strongest graphics. Who knows what PlayStation will do, either stay behind their PlayStation 4 Pro, or go ahead and make a new console as well to match the Scorpio specs. My gaming needs are simple, give me some great gameplay which is the most important feature and sure I love a good visual showcase. Yes your game can look beautiful, gorgeous and powerful, but, if the gameplay sucks expect me (and many others) not to play much more of the game.

So what do you guys think? Come probably E3 2017 during Microsoft press event, will you pre-order then trade in your XboxOne for Project Scorpio, or will you sit and wait until games with “True 4K gaming” will catch on? Leave your comments down below.

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