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The Needs & Wants of Destiny 2


With now only five more months until Bungie’s sequel Destiny 2 comes out, I thought I’d share with you guys some much-needed features that Destiny 2 needs mixed with a couple of wants. New Guardians will be rising, lets show the new kids what Destiny is all about.


Bungie has been known to tell amazing stories in their games, look at their previous works of the Halo series before 2010. Those games alone told great stories that made you feel and care for the characters in the cast. In the first installment of Destiny what we got was a rather bland, confusing and poorly told narrative that lead us with more questions than any answer we can get. So the story and writing staff of Bungie needs to come together and tell us a story where we can actually care about the characters like Cayde-6, Ikora Ray and Commander Zavala. One main thing they need to take away is having us players that care about story, should not have to resort going to Bungie site and read little cards to get more explanation of the story. Its one thing if you do in it like a spin-off book like they did for the expanded Halo universe but, it’s another thing if we have to go back and forth between playing the game and following up with the story I just finished to get some closure. That being said, an actual campaign needs to be in Destiny 2.

Destiny offers such great characters that are voiced by great actors and actresses, the time is now to stop wasting their time and have a really tell a story that we can care about. Show character development, matter fact not just characters but, the world too. How long between the events of Destiny and Destiny 2? Has the city gotten better after what happened in Rise of Iron? If they decided to continue the story from there. What is the fate of The Stranger, Eris Morn, and Lord Saladin? Do they come back to help, rebuild and guide us in Destiny 2 or will they just fade into obscurity?


More so about how level up your progress. The core mechanics are fine, I am more so focusing the leveling up process. What I mean by that is, Destiny has a focus about a progress called “Light Level”. Light level is the after progress after you achieved a certain base level like either 25 or 40. Light level will determine how well you fight against the enemy forces. The higher you are the more damage and armor resistance you have against the enemy. I am OK with the mechanic but, I think it needs to change by just making it easier to just find different weapons and gear, like each time you achieve a higher light, gear and weapons should start dropping at higher levels if you can maintain your current light level. Exploration needs to be thing when out and about in Destiny 2. The first game did offer some great areas to explore, but make those worlds fun and rewarding. Take some pointers from Zelda Breath of the World where you explore this one area that is filled with tough enemies, once you have the right level and gear, go back and claim what lies there. Lastly don’t limit how far a player can go when stumbling upon different areas within a planet.

I have always been a fan of the different variety of both ships and sparrows you can collect in Destiny, sadly they have only been visual flare. In Destiny 2 they need to be more useful, for example for the sparrows, the vehicles remind me very much like Speeder Bikes from Star Wars. Speeder Bikes offer a small blaster for self-defense purposes. I understand we have the enemy vehicle types that offer that, but those are only provided in a certain area. If it gets destroyed then you will have to go all the way back to where you first got it. Sparrows are always ready and available for players and it is players main source of travel on land. In Space however, Bungie has done space battles before and I know they can do it again for Destiny 2. I want space battles to be a thing for this game, wouldn’t be cool to see your awesome raid ship have not just a visual flare but also be really powerful too? Well, this needs to happen because why not only just explore the various planets but, space too?

Another aspect that needs to get restructured is the Questing. When it was first officially introduced in The Taken King Expansions there have been some really tough quests that offered very little explanation or clues on moving on with it. Lastly to round-up for gameplay, I hope Bungie can try to get dedicated servers for the multiplayer portion of the game. Too many times where Destiny servers can crash because it uses the same one for the single player gameplay. With the help of dedicated servers can help between multiplayer games and PVE games.

This is just a little thing but, I want to be able to find the legendary Ahamkara monster and tame it. It’s a little random but one of my closet friend said that and I just thought that it sounded really cool. Shout out to him for suggesting that. I really want to get rid of items like Ether seeds and various other items that can help with glimmer (which is the in-game currency) and dispose of them when I don’t need it anymore. You can start your own store with those if you collect enough of them. Trading is something I have been asking for, it can be make things easier. For example lets say if I have a ton of materials but a friend needs some instead of farming I can just send him some. Little things that like can help out not only your friends but yourself as well for clearing out inventory.


So those are just a few of my friends and I suggestions that we want in the upcoming Destiny 2 game. What are somethings you want to see or go in Destiny 2 down below.

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