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Destiny 2 will launch this Fall


So after years of speculating, wondering and asking, September 8th Bungie will release the long-awaited sequel Destiny 2. Today the released the trailer for the game. Looks like this time around it will be a truly story driven game, which is good because that is something I have been asking for since the beginning for the first game. The main enemy focus this time is everyone favorite… The Cabal. Or also known as the bullet sponges of Destiny. I am looking forward to it because out of all enemy faction types, The Cabal is my favorite faction to fight against.


The trailer shows off the loss of the City because The Cabal attacking it and what will be the next plan for the Guardians. This game also shows how close Guardians are to one another and of course the very people they protect. Also for original Guardians, sad to say goodbye of our beloved loot, weapons, and armor for the Cabal somehow destroyed our entire vault. So Bungie will be saying this will be a new clean slate for us Guardians, for I think it is a new era of weapons, armor and different kinds of loot to hunt for. One big surprise is that, it will be coming to PC this time. Which I am happy for, I am personally going on PlayStation 4 myself, but I know players have been asking for PC version for a really long time and yes XboxOne as well. Lastly to wrap it up, Bungie has announced a limited edition for the game that will retail for $99.99 and a collectors for $249.99 I’ll write the details of what is included shortly. An expansion has also been announced as well so if you are ready to go all in you can pre-order it all online store or local retailer. Oh and there is digital deluxe also for $89.99 for the digital users, that will come with the game and expansion pass also.

The Destiny 2 Limited Edition will come with the following:


  • Destiny 2 Base Game
  • Destiny 2 Expansion Pass, get access for both expansions when they become available (probably post launch)
  • Premium digital in-game content:
  • Legendary Sword
  • Legendary Player Emote
  • Cabal Themed Emblem
  • Steelbook case
  • Cabal collectors box that comes with, a booklet with the secrets of the Cabal Empire, Cabal Schematics, collectable postcards images, and Cabal Military Pawns.

Now for $249.99 the collectors with come with the same as the limited edition but, a little bit more:


Comes with a neat and pretty cool looking messenger bag that can double as a backpack and a solar blanket. You can pre-order the game right now at major retailers. I hope to play and fight alongside you guys in this game.

So that will wrap it this time folks, stay tuned for anything Destiny 2 and all other games also. Be sure to follow me for more content, also follow me on social media with @NintendoMikeC on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Happy Gaming and Happy Looting Guardians.

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