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Bungie Made it Official


After almost four years, Bungie’s first-person-shooter role-playing game hybrid “Destiny” is finally wrapping up and being put to bed with its last live event, Age of Triumph. This final event will have players one last time experience every raid, every strike, every story mission and everything else in between in this game successful four-year run which will start tomorrow March 28th 2017. With that said, where one game rests, one shall take its place.

If you haven’t heard this past weekend, the gaming industry exploded with a strong potential of Bungie long talked about, but very secretive “Destiny 2”. To go back further before the leak, back when Bungie released “The Taken King” downloadable content story back in September 2015, fans have been speculating of a Destiny sequel and when it well happen. But, nothing concrete about it. Later after the release of “Rise of Iron” in September 2016, different many reports about a real “Destiny 2” was happening. Well, fast forward to this past weekend this emerged.


That’s right ladies and Gentlemen what you are seeing a poster advertising Destiny 2. This was taken from a UK retailer this past weekend. Now once this was released of course Bungie did not say anything about it. But, as of today they made it official that Destiny 2 is real and it is coming this year.

Now, to me one thing is this that I am disappointed that this game got leaked out this. Why? Because I am sure Bungie wanted to announce this a bigger scale, say E3 2017. But have to change it because of the leak. On the other hand, as someone who have enjoyed playing Destiny since the beginning back in September 9th, 2014 where I started my legend on PlayStation 3, then later on continued it on PlayStation 4. Supported it on its four span buying all of it expanded expansion content mentioned earlier, I am excited. Can I say I enjoyed all of it? Yes I did, the good, the bad and of course its ugly times. Destiny was the game that brought my closets friends closer, even with our mixed opinions we still always made time to play together. Those were some of my enjoyable gaming moments I have and I look forward to the new adventures with Destiny 2.

So am I excited for this? Yes, I have been wanting a sequel to Destiny for quite a long time. But I will give credit to Bungie for pushing the first game for almost four years since it’s release before getting a sequel out. Now I will say, with the potential fact that Destiny 2 could come out this year, I hope Bungie has looked at some of the type of content that can come to this game, opinions from the fans and some strong suggestions for the future of this game series. Some of the things I have been asking for is an easier method to start adventuring in planets instead of having to jump out of a hub area like the The Tower, wait in the ship, choose a destination then wait for the server to load the area, that needs to change. Take the approach of what Ubisoft’s The Division did, you walked into a safe area, once you were done with that area, you are instant the game space where you fight the AI combatants. Ship battles has been something I have been asking for also, having a PVP (player vs player) or PVE (player vs enemy) sessions would be awesome and bring a different pace for the game adding something new and exciting. Bungie did it before with Halo Reach and they sure can do it again for Destiny 2. Those are just a few examples that I would like to see in Destiny 2.

Until then, if you too played Destiny, did you enjoy it? When did you stop playing it? Share some of your greatest moments with me in the comments below. Also ground pound the like star to show me some support, share this blog with others. Follow my socials Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all with @NintendoMikeC. Happy Gaming!

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