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Blaster Master Zero


I love going back and replaying retro games that I have beaten 20 times. Or play retro games for the first time. One in which I heard about but, have never played before in my life, Blaster Master is one of the games. But seeing as I don’t have a Nintendo Entertainment System, Blaster Master Zero will have to be the closets thing to come.

Blaster Master Zero is remaining game done right from the folks over at Inti Creates the same time responsible for other classics such as Mega Man and Mega Ma ZX series of games. You take the role of a boy named Jason who is on a mission to find his pet frog that he lost on the world he lives in. Which happens to infested various mutant creatures, through his adventures he must use his wits and using various types of weapons to over come his obstacles. With his trusty land vehicle SOPHIA III  he will stop at nothing to get his buddy back.

This game features a large exploration world, with many different little caves to explore with Jason. But as you are getting different caves, you can just get there on foot. That’s where SOPHIA comes in, after she is a tank equipped with weapons of her own. As your driving around you will come across little cave like entrances that only Jason walk through. In these sections you control Jason which is where the heart of the gameplay lies. Lastly unlike the original game, this game will feature save stations to help ease the exploration tensions during gameplay.

During this sections you will traverse through areas to find mutants, items for both Jason and SOPHIA. Some of these items will further enhance SOPHIA movements like underwater or moving up and down walls. For Jason, he has an all-in-one weapon with upgrade pick-ups. With these upgrades you select up to nine different weapons for any kind of situations. Need something close range? There is a shotgun mode, want something to protect yourself? A shield mode can be there and reflect back enemy fire. However, what you gain can easily be lost, simply by taking any kind of damage can cause loss of weapon firepower. Try your best to avoid contact with mutants and enemy firepower alike.

Gameplay is awesome, a simple side scroller shooter game some of my favorite kind of games to play. During moments while you are riding on SOPHIA it will be side scroll style shooting all kinds of mutants blocking your progressions. Going back to weapons, not only SOPHIA has nice blaster canon, she also (when found) has a variety of special weapons like homing missiles and underwater mines to name a few. When going to back to control Jason, he can move in all directions up, down, left, right and even diagonal as well. Lets also just say that you keep that direction, easy hold the R button and shoot to your hearts contempt. Later on, you will encounter really cool boss fights these bosses will hold key items to progress further on your journey to find your frog.

Controls are sharp and I mean sharp, a slight nudge up on your control stick will enter you in and out of rooms which at times can get a little annoying when all you want to do is move forward or backwards. But it works really well when having full reign control of Jason. The quickness of moving around can give you quick reaction with what is around you. But can also lead to cheap shots and accidental running into stray bullets moments.

The soundtrack is very present and original just like the original game itself. I find myself humming along to certain area musics and cave music also. The sounds are also great to hear, much like classic NES version, those sounds are here too, with help with higher definition sounding all makes it better.

So should you buy this? Hell yes for only $9.99 on the eShop, this is a great title to play and a great game to play if you are taking a break from Zelda Breath of the Wild. Also this game only launched just a week after the Nintendo Switch did so it almost got the launch title but, oh well. With its exploration which is a reoccurring theme these days, you can easily get hooked playing for 30 minutes to maybe even an hour or more which is a great feeling. So again yes, definitely download this great title, plus if you are a virtual console enthusiast, this is the closet thing to that. Download it now!

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