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Only a 3 percent interest in the Switch?


When Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch to the entire world back in January, the next following months was still very quiet about the fact who will back the big N with software for the upcoming hardware. Yes of course during the big press announcement we did see that Atlus, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix to name a few will be there bringing software to the console. Usually every new year, outside of award seasons like the Grammy’s, Golden Globes, and Oscars. We gamers look forward to the big gaming conventions like PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and GDC (Game Developers Conference) which I will get into today’s post.

Before GDC started on February 27th, a survey went out with 4,500 developers taking the survey there was only a little three percent interest of those developers that were interested in making software for the Nintendo Switch. Well then, this just became more interesting check out the article on their official website posted around January 12th below.

GDC Survey

What do I think? Well I will try to keep this brief about it in this post. Is it a little concerning that only three percent of developers are interested? Yes absolutely it is. But, I think because this was taken back in January, and GDC did end on the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I am sure those opinions can change. Matter fact a lot can change within just a few weeks or even months. Lets remember what the Nintendo Switch is, a home console with ability to take it on the go. The ability to communicate with up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles for local play and online multiplayer support. Some of the most basic features that any average core gamer needs. Advantages that a lot of developers can find great use for.

So why no interest? Easy because of the last 5 years and since the release of the PS4 and XboxOne core gamers have committed to the those consoles. Which I find perfectly fine with. However, there are people who do play Nintendo consoles and commit to there’s like the 3DS and even the WiiU. Also with the weeks leading up to the launch of the Switch worldwide consumers are and to this day, three weeks post launch people are still interested. That alone should have developers consider bring some software to it. Though you still can’t find some and retailers have been getting them back in stock Switch consoles are still hard to come by. Consumer interest in the console should be the key motivator for developers bring content to the system. If developers can see the consumer interest, not only making the game on PC, PS4 and XboxOne is automatic, but a Switch version should be considered. To this day there are people still buying PS3 and Xbox360 system pre-owned. With over 40 million PS4s sold worldwide and over 25 million XboxOne units sold some people are still not convinced about those two systems.

This was just my little thought on how industry is taking the approach of the Nintendo Switch. Yes I understand that WiiU did flop in its 4-year cycle and a lot of developers didn’t want to support it, but three percent is better than not interested in it all. The Switch is still young and not a month old yet. We have promising indie titles coming for it in the following weeks in April. E3 is coming this June like I said, opinions could change and I truly believe that. Right now I am fully committed to my Nintendo Switch. I am not saying it because I am a Nintendo fan, I am saying it because I love what the hardware does. The fact I can take it anywhere I go, play it anywhere I go and most importantly have the ability to share my experience with someone else is an awesome feeling.

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