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Nintendo Switch Over a week later


March 3rd marked a new era for the House of Mario and a new leap into the gaming industry, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. First portable home console, where you can start playing from your television to being outside while continuing your game. After over a week of owning it, how did I personally liked it? Well, without further ado, here is my experience. 

Retailing for $299.99 the Nintendo Switch is the seventh home console for Nintendo. The Switch console is in the form of a tablet where you have not one but, two controllers called Joy-Cons. These two controller attach to the side of the system or can come off and can be shared with another for instant two-player fun. A feature that hasn’t been seen since the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). With a good variety of launch games such as the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, I Am Setsuna, FAST RMX and Snipperclips to name a few, the Nintendo Switch offers titles for any kind of gamer.

The hardware features a 6.2 captive touch screen and a 720p display and running up to 60 frames per second (FPS). Which all the games I have played looks beautiful. Especially with games like Breath of the Wild and FAST RMX. The system can last up to six hours depending on what game your playing, for sure you will get up to three hours for Breath of the Wild. The system has a variety of ways to play your system from modes like TV mode, which you play on your TV. Handheld mode when you attack your Joy-Cons to the side and play anywhere, anytime. Tabletop mode, when you use your Joy-Cons and play two-player games like Shovel Knight and the upcoming Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (April 28th, 2017). All of these modes of play can fit in any type of gamer. The core gamers that stay at home, the mobile and on-the-go gamer and gamers that want to always share their experience.

Now that we have the formalities out-of-the-way, and speaking of experiences, I want to share with you mines. So when I got home from picking it up, I loved how simple the system set up was and actually how fun it was. It was fun to do a system set up? How can that be? Well, I’ll explain for every step you complete there is a build up sound. The more you complete it, the higher the pitch would get, bringing you one step closer to start playing. The Switch also encourages first time users to do the whole set up on the console itself rather than the TV, which is neat so you can get a good feeling with it.

Once your set up is complete you will be greeted to a very plain white background or black background if you changed it. The UI (User Interface) is simple to get a hold of. You have your power, settings, controllers, eShop, album and news all in the bottom and large tile icons to represent your software. Also, a little tidbit I love is the little noises the Switch UI makes when you make your selections. It varies so if you know someone who has one just take a little tour of the UI and hear the cute noises.

Overall, with its simple UI design and navigation I love the Nintendo Switch. Retail price is good for what you get, I wish I could talk about the system specifications, but, seeing as though both Nintendo and NVIDIA are still keeping quiet about the official specs. Although a blog post from MyNintendoNews posted the other day on what could be the official CPU (central processing unit) of the Switch.

Switch Processing Unit

Also, if you love everything Nintendo and want to stay up-to-date on all things Nintendo, give those guys a follow. They are on the ball with any kind of news for Nintendo systems, games all other things Nintendo. I am not partner with them, just thought I’d give a suggestion.

With all that, good stuff, there is still some bad stuff that I didn’t like. For example, the background, very plain background can be really boring. When you think of Nintendo you think of a very large personality from Mario to Zelda to Metroid and many others, you would think they could’ve made basic gaming wallpapers and backgrounds to give your Switch some personality outside of your icon. Also a little light tune music would’ve been great to have. Much like how the Nintendo 3DS has a little light tune to let you know that your up and running would be a nice feature to have. I hope Nintendo in later updates bring purchasable themes to the Switch just like how the Nintendo 3DS did. Next the basic online functions, which I didn’t get a chance to talk about, sorry for jumping. But, it’s fine, however, since we all have the trial of it, none of the features are there, I would love to send messages to my friends. The only thing you can do is add them and make them a best friend or not. Also, if they become online it doesn’t pop up right away, sometimes it’s a little slow and behind when it does. But I am sure that will change come later updates.

One of the last few things that Nintendo should really address in I hope a next major update is the saves. Right now all game saves are bound to the system storage. Which sucks! Why? Easy because of something happens to your Switch where you have to send it to Nintendo and use our manufacturer warranty you can’t back it up to your micro SD card. This would be devastating not only to me but, too many other player around the world that now, we live in an age of gaming where cloud saves and backup saves to external storage’s are crucial. I hope they can fix that were you can do either or until we have the details of their online service coming this fall. So c’mon Nintendo bring save data options to micro SD please.

Oh and really last thing I promise, but, after watching the Nintendo Nindes showcase last week, the Switch eShop is also really boring compared to both WiiU and 3DS eShops with sappy and catchy shopping music there to greet you and the upcoming section is really light which doesn’t have any of the games talked about from the showcase, but, are on Nintendo game store page. This is only minor but, I am hopeful it will get updated also. If you haven’t seen the Nindes Showcase take a look here:

For more information the games look here: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

With all that said, my final take on the Switch is, if you can find it, buy it. I highly recommend it with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, LEGO City Undercover, Super Mario Odyssey and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming to the Switch plus the amazing indie games coming the Switch in its first year is looking pretty good. It’s future is also looking really bright. If you can’t find it, please check your local retailers and keep an eye on when you can add it to your cart and get it ordered. The system is really fun at parties, or even having long gaming sessions. The Nintendo Switch, I said it before but I will say it again is for anyone and any kind of gamer. I love it and can’t wait for more content coming later this year.

Thank you for reading, if you liked this post, ground pound the like star, share this with friends. Also if you enjoyed the Switch share your experience with me in the comments below. Also follow my social pages @NintendoMikeC on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Happy Gaming!


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