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The Nintendo Switch is finally here


March 3rd marked a new era for new Nintendo with their recently released console, The Nintendo Switch. By new era I really mean a new era, if you still haven’t seen, played or even touched a Nintendo Switch, I highly recommend that you contact someone who does and check it out. This post, will be sharing my day one experience with the final retail version of the Nintendo Switch. Also I will also give a few recommendations of games for you to get for your Switch. Later I will bring my final thoughts on The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and various other games. Expect a later post of a small semi reviews of the games that I have picked up for it as well. Also, I would like to take a moment and apologize to you guys, for I have been playing the Switch, to gather and collect my thoughts and give my recommendation for you to buy it when its available or suggest that you wait for it. Again I am sorry for not posting as much, but expect more great content and regular amount content coming soon.


So what you see is the final haul of what I picked up along with my Switch. As I mentioned in my previous blog, a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the official Nintendo Switch carrying case along with a screen protector (more on that soon), The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and almost $100 worth of eShop money that was already in my account. More on that also in a moment. Oh and a 64GB micro SD card as well.


When you first open the box you will be greeted by your new Nintendo Switch system and your Joy-Cons of either color depending on your style. Off the back, if you didn’t know better from a distance the Nintendo Switch really does look like a tablet, its light, but still has some kind of weight to it thanks to its very still unknown specs. Next after that, the second layer in the box will have your many other included items. Such as your Joy-Con Grip, Joy-Con straps, Switch Dock, AC Adapter, and of course HDMI cable.


I love the Joy-Cons and the grip, seriously if you have been on the fence on buying the Switch Pro controller, stay with this if you want to save for the Switch Pro controller later. This style of play is comfortable, included and just easy to get used to. Sure there maybe on actual d-pad, but, those d-buttons will sorta pay homage to the Nintendo 64 c-buttons, again this can be something that I think players can get used too.

So overall, when you attach your Joy-Cons to the system itself, there will be a slight increase in weight, but it is still light to carry around and again comfortable to hold. When you first boot up the system, before you dock it, the system actually encourages you do most of the set up using the system screen. Giving you a welcoming way to introduce you to its 6.2 captive 720p screen. The screen is probably one of its best features, even though it is only at 720p, its bright, beautiful screen will keep you in handheld mode before switching it over to the TV. Once that is done, be sure to run the system update, while that is downloading, go ahead and take a look around the systems UI (user interface). Which I can say is very simple and not overly complex. You have your news feed, eShop, controllers, system settings and sleep button all located at the bottom of the menu.

Now for a quick round-up of games that I highly recommend for you to pick up or download for your Nintendo Switch. For starters, go for Shovel Knight period. Rather it is the complete package or the new story of Specter of Torment standalone. FAST RMX a great fast paced racing game that may answer the call of a F-Zero game. If you missed out in Fast Racing Neo for the WiiU I highly suggest you pick this up. Lastly I Am Setsuna is another pick from if you want to get your RPG fix after playing some Zelda. Featuring a story of sacrifice you are charged to help a young women on her journey to save humanity.

The Nintendo Switch is to me the most non Nintendo System that the Big N has developed in their successful history. Honestly because of that I am very happy with the system. I really enjoy how I can enjoy playing Zelda on my TV, taking the Switch off and go meet up with some friends at a party or other social gathering and continue my journey without having to think about how long I will be at a party. I am really excited for more of the games that will be coming to the system and take advantages of this system.

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