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My thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Nindes Showcase


With only three days until the launch of their new home console the Nintendo Switch system. Nintendo took the time to showcase over 10 different indie games from various developers in cooperation with select few indie publishers. With their cooperation a large amount of indie developers will be bringing their games to the Nintendo Switch between launch all the way to the remainder of 2017. To watch the past broadcast take the time to check it out here:


So what are my thoughts? I loved the showcase, back then a younger me, didn’t pay too much too indie games when they first arrived on the gaming industry in the early 2000’s. Now in 2017, I look forward to the next big indie game to come out on any system. Developers like Yacht Club games and WayFoward have really changed my thoughts on the industry. Even to the point where I look forward to new indie games more than the triple A developers like Blizzard, Ubisoft or even Electronic Arts.

Give credit to Nintendo for over the last couple of years, they have done a fantastic job working with Indie developers in bringing their software to Nintendo platforms. Since then, I have become a lot more interested in indie games. Now more than half of the games I own on both 3DS and WiiU are indie games.

So lets talk about the games that were showcased shall we for the sake to avoid keeping this long, I will only talk about a few that stood out to me. Nintendo started the showcase with the trailer of SteamWorld Dig 2. I am a huge fan of the first game, so big in fact that I bought the WiiU version and 3DS version for twice the fun. SteamWorld Dig 2 looks to continue on the what the first game did now with a new main character and level design to dig and explore. SteamWorld Dig 2 looks to offer new power up abilities as well. Looking forward to this game very soon and it will be launching this summer.

Mr. Shifty is an awesome non-stop action game, it reminds of Hotline Miami minus all the heavy amounts blood and language, but, you play as Mr. Shifty who can shift around through walls and poof in and out spots. What I mean by that is, basically if you fighting a couple of bad guys, like Nightcrawler from X-Men you beat up one guy, shift over quickly to the other guy and continue the fighting with having to stop and run over and take a risky damage hit along the way. My first feature is the over 140 levels this game will offer I can’t wait to sink much hours in this game at home and on the go. Mr. Shifty launched for the Nintendo Switch as a timid exclusive this April.

Shakedown: Hawaii is the spiritual successor to the popular Retro City Rampage game. It is a classic run and gun style gameplay in a top-down offering a beautifully 16-Bit design. Man I really should have played Retro City Rampage (thank goodness I can) but, I can’t wait for this one. I love action run and gun shooters the simple gameplay can offer hours of fun and just give players the challenge to avoid any kind of gunfire. Shakedown: Hawaii launches this April as well, as a timid exclusive.

Flipping Death is a new game from the guys that made “Stick it to the Man” and you play a girl named Penny who is dead and gets a job to help the dead out by solving their “problems”. While doing this you will flip in between the “otherworld” to the living world by taking possession of characters to solve puzzles. Flipping Death will launch later this year.

Blaster Master Zero will offer more run and gun action style gameplay. From the creators of Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mega Man series, they will be taking on this classic NES game from the past, offering classic visual looks same run and gun gameplay from the past and a two player mode that will come later to the game. Blaster Master Zero will launch next week March 9th 2017.

Wow, those are just a few of the games that stood out to me during this showcase. Many more games looked amazing its just those to me looked awesome. One big takeaway from this showcase to me was that all of these indie developers are finding ways to take advantage of the features of the Nintendo Switch such as HD rumble and even who knows the IR sensor. By knowing that, it gives me excitement to know that these very hard dedicated developers will find new ways to play these games. I truly look forward to all these awesome fun indie games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year.

So what games did you like in the showcase? Leave your comments down below, also if you liked this post, ground pound that like star. Give this post some love and share it, follow me to know when I post again. Follow my social media pages Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr @NintendoMikeC. I thank you for reading, Happy Gaming and Have fun too. See Ya!


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