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My impressions on Ghost Recon Wildlands


Ubisoft released the open beta for their next upcoming and successful third person shooter franchise Tom Clancy Ghost Recon. Their newest entry in the series, Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in the country of Bolivia while the elite Ghost Squad aims to take down a very powerful drug cartel. With the help of the local rebels fighting against them, it is up to you and your squad to the country back from the cartel. Keep in mind that I will focus on the single player aspect of the game. For I haven’t had anytime to play the multiplayer portion.

If you have played a Ghost Recon before, then you can prepare for its traditional four man team gameplay, intense firefights and of course the technology. But, this will be the first time where the Ghosts go open world. The large open world setting will now allow you and your Ghosts to fully explore the land, find vantage points for your recon scouting and plan how to take the next outpost or compound. Armed with a variety of weapons and a sidearm as well as your tools a mini drone and binoculars your all set and ready to go. Also seeing as the gameplay is open world, expect many different ways to travel, via car, truck, SUV, van, helicopter, and many more. Lastly your character is custom so you can pick between women or man if you like. With pretty generic looking face presets to choose from. One thing you will like will probably like (I did) is the clothing appearance, from shirts to jeans, to tactical vests and many more to choose from.

Combat is what you expect in a standard shooter but, Ghost Recon is more third person than a first person shooter. However aiming down your sights can give you the option to either go into first person view or third person view. During my play I find that the shooting mechanics were solid and smooth and it just felt great. A little tidbit that I actually liked is that if you are sprinting and you run into enemies stop and aim, your weapon will start to move around briefly. That is because you are slightly out of breath and I like this feature because the game tells you to manage your stamina in between running aiming and firing. The more I played the more I enjoyed this game. One of my ways to play is when I see a large enemy compound, I can either try and go in full stealth with no kills, action or a silent killer. This style play reminded me of Ubisoft other gem, Splinter Cell Blacklist which had those three distinctive gameplay styles. Whatever or however you like to play is your prerogative. Enemy AI can pose quite a challenge if your are not careful, then can easily spot you and make an attempt to call for reinforcements.

If it comes down to that, you have two options, stay and fight or fall back and regroup and wait for cartel to die down. However there are sometimes where the AI can sometimes bug out, for example I got into a small firefight and when it was over, two sicarios (hitmen) that I killed were still standing but, were not doing anything but standing there. But, I suppose since that is just the beta, I guess that can happen, hopefully that will get fixed. Speaking on AI, friendly AI is OK. Nothing special what I do like they will call out any passing by enemies in the vicinity, so it will keep your head on a swivel. You can also give basic commends like to a point, open fire and regroup to name a few. Also, I enjoy the random conversations when your not in engaged in combat. Exploring is one of my favorite thing to do in any adventure game, in Wildlands exploring isn’t so much an importance but, I highly encourage it, especially if you have a helicopter. If you are using a helicopter it can get you close without being detected from the cartel members and plan your point of attack. If you take the time to explore in between areas, you come across resources (fuel, medical, communications and food) you will need that will benefit the rebels and yourself. The game does have level up to unlock more skills to make you and your squad better. But even though you have the skill points, you will still need portions of those resources to level up more skills.

Overall even though this just the beta and not the finished product, I had a lot of fun playing this game. I have been playing Ghost Recon games since its early days on the computer. Advanced Warfighter is still one of my favorite Ghost Recon games out of the series. But Wildlands might just take over that spot, the large open world gameplay fits for this style of game. Elite soldiers out to do one thing, take down badmen or women and do it while never existing. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands launches on PlayStation 4, XboxOne and PC this March 7th, 2017.

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