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Games I am looking forward to


We are about over 50 plus days now into 2017, we have the Nintendo Switch coming out March 3rd along with the highly anticipated titles The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for both the Nintendo Switch and WiiU. But, I will say, games like Guerrilla games Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4. BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, Project Aces Ace Combat 7, CodeMasters Dirt 4 are just some the big titles I am looking forward to this year for either PlayStation 4 or XboxOne. Yes, NintendoMikeC might be my little persona name, but yes, outside of me playing on Nintendo platforms and a huge fan of the company. I do own a PlayStation 4 and a XboxOne. The games mentioned above are just a few titles I am looking forward too.

Starting out Horizon: Zero Dawn has been a title that I have been most looking forward too since it was announced back in E3 2015. Then I was super excited to know that it would come that following year, unfortunately then, the game was delayed until 2017. Now that the game is just only days away, I am super excited it for it. Guerrilla games are the fine folks responsible for one of my favorite shooter series, Killzone. When I learned that this was their game, I only thought two things, amazing visuals and awesome gameplay. Which both my exceptions were met with praise coming from me. In case you don’t know, Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action/adventure game where you take the role of a female heroine named Aloy, who is a hunter set in a post apocalyptic future where the world is inhabited by machine looking creatures. These “machines” can look like various creatures of today, such as deer, wolves, rhinos and even giraffes. These “machines” can be hunted down for parts and components that benefit the survival of Aloy and her people. To hunt set “machines” you will need various tools like tripwires and rope. Armed with also a bow, you can use different configurations such as fire, ice, and traditional to deal damage or a status effect against them. With amazing and stunning visuals to show off the game large landscapes, it’s certainly a sight. I look forward to hunting the various “machines” from small to large and even extra-large. Horizon: Zero Dawn is my second most looked forward to game outside of Breath of the Wild. Horizon: Zero Dawn launched February 28th, 2017 for PlayStation.

Next on our list, is another game that was announced back in E3 2015 and that is Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands. Let me say, first, I wasn’t expecting a new Ghost Recon when they had their press conference. The last Ghost Recon game I played was Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. A very well designed game, loved the tacital combat, the sync shot feature, and the intense firefights. Now, take that same gameplay and multiple it by ten and you have Ghost Recon Wildlands. Developed by the Ubisoft Paris Team, the same team for Just Dance 2015-2017, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and Watch Dogs to name a few. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you take the role of a solider callsign “Nomad”. This character is you, boy or girl, its your prerogative. Taking place in the country of Bolivia, your mission is to stop a drug cartel that is growing in power and causing terror to the country, led by a psychotic jefe (boss). You and your fellow ghost teammates, must work with the rebels to fight back against the cartel and while not being there. You will have a wide variety of weapons and gear to fight, recon and take the cartel by storm. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands launches March 7th, 2017 for PC, XboxOne, and PlayStation 4.

Mass Effect Andromeda is something I wasn’t expecting at all. I loved the original trilogy, despite the ending of Mass Effect 3, and how much I wasn’t happy with it, I still loved them all. The fact BioWare went ahead and made an entirely new game that will take place after the events of the third game. After first hearing about again two years ago, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Even though the ending to the third one wasn’t good, I felt that I was satisfied with how the trilogy ended. But, I do remember that at the end of Mass Effect 3 the way it ended, a new adventure could start again thanks to the efforts of Commander Shepard. Now set many years after, you take the role of a new character named “Pathfinder” and it is up to you, your ship called the Ark, to explore and discover new planets located in the Andromeda system. Armed with all the tools, vehicles, weapons and many more, your job is simple, is to find a planet in the Andromeda system to populate and establish new life. With the more recent gameplay showcasing that was shown this past E3 2016, I am beyond excited for this game. The new gameplay, though look the same, looks better than ever. I look forward to the new cast of characters, the planets, the sense of adventure in the galaxy and many more surprises. Mass Effect Andromeda launched March 21st 2017 for XboxOne, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Lastly, there are two games one of which comes out in the summer of this year. It’s the ever so popular racing series Dirt 4. I played Dirt 3 before loved the physics, tracks and of course the cars in that game. I know very little personally but, from what I read, I know that there is a custom track option. When I mean custom, I mean players can now build their own tracks and share it over the net. Its going to high fun times in the off-road rally style racing. One of my favorite arcade flight simulators Ace Combat 7. I know very little of the story, but, the trailer look to be something in the modern future where pilots are becoming phased out in favor or drones. But, some pilots have other ideas. If you have also been a fan of the series, some country names are going to be involved in this game war now, the Country of Osea against the country of Erusea. Which one country was from Ace Combat 5 and the other from Ace Combat 4, which happens to be both my top favorite Ace Combat games.

So those are just a few games that I personally looking forward too this year. What are yours? Leave your comment down below, don’t forgot to ground pound that like button, follow my socials on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr: @NintendoMikeC and interact with me. Thanks for reading, Happy Gaming, Have Fun and I’ll see you next time.

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