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The Offical Haul


With only ten days left until the launch of Nintendo’s newest console, The Nintendo Switch. I feel like I would like to share with you the items that I will be picking up, so without further adieu here is my OFFICIAL list that I will be picking up on March 3rd, 2017.

First of course is the Nintendo Switch with the Gray Joy-Cons. I almost wanted the Neon Blue & Red, but, I opted with the simple gray color scheme. Along with the system, a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. After my trip to Washington DC for the Nintendo Switch Preview Tour, and holding it and playing a few games with it, I was glad I did preordered it. That controller is one awesome piece of gaming tech, light, comfortable, and the feel of it is just right, plus the 40 hour battery life is my favorite feature. I will be able to play games for long periods of time before having to charge it again. These two items I preordered at GameStop.



My second quick trip will be at Best Buy to pick up The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, seeing as I have their Gamers Club discount, I’d save twenty percent off, making it only $47.99 so good deal. A Samsung SDXC 64GB Micro SD card (which I picked up earlier this week). I plan to go sixty percent physical and fourty percent digital for my Switch. So I believe I can manage with only just 64GBs, hopefully when Dragon Quest Heroes I & II come out, it will be a physical (please SquareEnix, please do a a physical release for Dragon Quest Heroes in the west). I really don’t want to have to use half of my storage for just one game. Next will be the Nintendo Switch Carrying Case with screen protector, I know in my last blog (“What Am I getting?”). I said I was getting a separate case along with a screen shield kit, but, I realized that this one from Nintendo is the better deal option since I get both worlds. It will carry your games, extra micro SD cards, and the console with Joy-Cons.




Lastly for the digital market, I like the digital game offerings, but, I will be downloading I am Setsuna for my Switch. I wanted to play that for PlayStation 4, but, when Square announced it for the Nintendo Switch, I opted for the Switch version. Hopefully depending what Nintendo plans to do with eShop (rollover purchases to work on the Switch hopefully) I can re-download some games I have from my WiiU to the Switch.


That about covers it so to recap the total haul will be:

  • Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Cons $299.99
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $69.99
  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild $59.99 ($47.99 Best Buy Gamers Club discount)
  • Nintendo Switch Carrying Case with Screen protector $19.99
  • I am Setsuna $39.99 (via Nintendo eShop)
  • Samsung Micro SDXC various prices but, $29.99 currently at Amazon

In total I am looking about $580 not counting my local state (Florida) tax. Which isn’t bad, I had traded in some games and got about over $100, back last month, that worth that went to my Switch which saved me that $100. Then $30 worth of GameStop cards that went towards my Pro controller, saved from that. I have also additional savings from Best Buy to go towards Breath of the Wild, with deductions, just over $400 in total haul. Not to bad I must say, still a lot but not to crazy. Later on, I plan to buy the Switch Messenger bag, I plan to travel and I want to bring it with me. As well as 1,2 Switch and Just Dance 2017 for party aspects.




With that, what do yo guys plan on picking up come March 3rd? Share your comments down below, don’t forget to ground pound the like star and follow my socials: Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr @NintendoMikeC. Happy Gaming and Have Fun! Also stay tuned for my own unboxing video that night also.

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