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Capcom and SquareEnix can help the Nintendo Switch


With only a week and some change left before the Big N releases their newest family member, The Nintendo Switch all eyes will be not on Nintendo, but, on their third-party support. Think back to when Nintendo was the little toy company trying out the declining video game industry. When 1985 came around, nobody that the little box that could called the Nintendo Entertainment System would save the industry. Not only did Nintendo had the amazing assortment of first party titles such, Super Mario, Zelda and Metroid to start. But, games like Final Fantasy, Castlevaina, Mega-Man and many more. Yes, that third-party support was there. For good reasons too, we now live in an age of gaming where gaining third-party support is key to selling your system. We all know what happened to the WiiU when that happened. For the life of the WiiU it rarely received any major third-party support from the big boys.

But, if you think about, there was always two companies that were there to support Nintendo. Capcom and SquareEnix, yea those two old school companies. Since the release of Nintendo Entertainment System or ‘NES’ Capcom provided big support by bring on Mega-Man (1-6), Chip and Dale, and Ducktales and Ghosts and Goblins to the system. Later on in the 1990’s when Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or ‘Super Nintendo’ in 1990, again Capcom was there again bringing in Mega-Man X (1-3), Breath of Fire, Disney’s Aladdin, and releasing five Street Fighter games to the console. Capcom was there from Nintendo start and again even until now. Later, Resident Evil started showing up to Nintendo systems like the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. The other guy however, was there but, limited with what to bring.

SquareSoft which is SquareEnix today, was too there for Nintendo at the beginning. Final Fantasy was there just before the cusp of The Super Nintendo release in July of 1990 for the NES. Following the release of Super Nintendo Square also released two more Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI. Lastly another big franchise that got its start on the NES is actually believe it or not, Dragon Quest and the first four games of the series was there. Then that was it, they released Chrono Trigger which was popular game for the Super Nintendo also. But, games like Kingdom Hearts especially 1 & 2 never made it to a Nintendo home console release. Eventually bringing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories to the Gameboy Advanced, Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Re:Coded for the DS and Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS, never the first two, I wonder why?

Basically what I am saying is that both Capcom and SquareEnix are going to be there supporting the Switch. What I think, is that much like how they were there for Nintendo for both the NES and Super NES in the past, the time is now for them to be there again for the Switch. SquareEnix is starting to see a rise in popularity in the West for Dragon Quest games now. They released Dragon Quest VII last year and Dragon Quest VIII this year on the Nintendo 3DS. Plus they came out saying that Dragon Quest XI and X, along with Heroes I & II will be on the Switch as well. Which are good and great to me. I dipped a little bit into the Dragon Quest games but, never fully sat down and gave it my full attention. But, what about Final Fantasy really? I would love to see the latest Final Fantasy XV on the Switch. The last main series Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo home console was Final Fantasy VI on Super Nintendo. That is over 20 years, albeit there has been Final Fantasy games for Nintendo systems but, on Nintendo DS, 3DS and WiiWare. Those games are either remakes, or not part of the main series (or spin-offs). So I say to SquareEnix, please don not be nervous and not bring Final Fantasy XV to the Nintendo Switch. Or don’t be nervous on bringing Kingdom Hearts over as well.

Capcom, you to do not be afraid in bringing Resident Evil VII to the Switch. Again I believe you guys can do it. The last main series Resident Evil Nintendo got was Resident Evil 4 on both the Nintendo GameCube then later for the Wii. Although Nintendo got Resident Evil Revelations for both 3DS and WiiU,  it’s not part of the main series. Not only that, Mega-Man is a franchise that needs to somehow make a comeback. They are sitting on a franchise that fans have been begging for years now. Its time to make a new Mega-Man adventure and the with the features of the Switch, they can use that to their advantage. They are also bring Ultra Street Fighter II as well to the Switch, well yes again fine, but how about more? Why not the super ultimate edition Super Street Fighter IV? You brought Super Street Fighter IV to the 3DS, why not the Switch also? Don’t give Nintendo hand me downs, give them the good stuff also.

What do you guys think? Should SquareEnix and Capcom bring their bigger triple A titles to the Switch? Or should they play the waiting game? Let me know down below with your comments below. If you like my post ground pound the star button for liking. Follow my socials, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all with NintendoMikeC and I’ll see you in the next one. Happy Gaming!


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