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Series that Nintendo can bring to the Switch


Let’s face it we miss some games that are from Nintendo, such as F-Zero, Ice Climbers, and Kid Icarus and many more on their impressive resume. So why not discuss what those franchises that can make a comeback in time for their newest console The Nintendo Switch.

F-Zero, yes we all know that F-Zero franchise has been super M.I.A. for quite sometime now. It’s last game, F-Zero GX for the GameCube which released in 2003, closing in on 14 years now, it REALLY needs to make a comeback. I love Mario Kart yes I do, but, the super high-octane action racing that is in F-Zero can really work on the Switch and it is something that not only myself, but, fans of the series have been wanting and begging for a while now. With impending release of Shin’en’s Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch, I think Nintendo should work with this talented studio to bring a new F-Zero game to life. Fast Racing Neo is on my favorite racing games to come out, outside of Mario Kart. With its stunning visuals, great frame rates and easy controls, Shin’en and Nintendo can work together to bring a new F-Zero to life. Also can I just say, how does a third-party make a F-Zero style game faster than Nintendo? I don’t know, food for thought is all. Anyways, but, yes Shin’en + Nintendo = So many F-Zero possibilities. Plus with the fact the Switch can connect to 8 consoles locally, plus online it’s going to be a wild time with friends loaded with hours of gameplay. So come Nintendo, look to Shin’en to help and inspire a brand new F-Zero game you know want too.

With the recent news that Nintendo has acquired the name rights for Eternal Darkness, I feel it’s right to talk about this one. By far, Eternal Darkness Sanity’s Requiem is my top favorite horror game EVER, and I am pretty sure its yours also. Now, we all know that Silicon Knights went under 3 years ago, but, why not bring on some of the development staff that worked on the original, bring them to Nintendo to work on either a sequel, remake or even better a reboot maybe for Eternal Darkness. We all know that this game didn’t sell well, but, those who did, knows they want more from the story. A remake of the game can bring the game to new comers who never played the game before after the original gained a cult following years after its initial release. A reboot could bring a new life from the game, while still respecting the original concept and formula. Lastly a sequel, can bring joy to the fans of the series to see Alexandra Roivas continue her fight against the forces of darkness. With the evil ancients finding a new servant to bring their evil plans to destroy the world a continuing factor. Or a new cast of characters, like maybe Alex got married or adopted a child, that take up the mantle to stop the dark forces. Either way, this can bring some new life to the Nintendo Switch, one of Eternal Darkness minor, but, fun moments  was the puzzle solving and exploration. If using the Joy-Cons you can use to turn locks, keys and various other items while using it for minor but, fun gameplay factors. This is like my biggest wish right here, I really have been asking for a new Eternal Darkness game forever now. With the fact that Nintendo now has trademark rights for the name just brings some hope for the series. Also bring a bigger and even more over the top sanity moments that can really bring fear to the players.

Kid Icarus really should make a comeback. I really did enjoy the Kid Icarus Uprising game that came out for the Nintendo 3DS a few years back. With its funny dialogue, awesome fast gameplay, fun competitive multiplayer all in which Masahiro Sakurai have developed should jump back in and give Lady Paluenta and her trusted angel warrior Pit another game.  Led by of course Mr. Sakurai and he should after all he did say that Super Smash Bros series might be over its amazing last outing for the Wii U and 3DS. So it would be awesome for him to create a new game in the series and take advantages of the Switch. Plus the little mistakes he might have missed from the first game, I believe he can redeem them a new outing and I know he can cleverly take full use of the Nintendo Switch features.

Oh Yeah Luigi Time! Nintendo might have something up their sleeves when it comes to the Green brother. Luigi Mansion and Luigi Mansion Dark Moon are both my favorite games from him. But, outside of those two games I really think a 3D platformer game, with his fear of boos and ghost can work. Think maybe a Super Mario Sunshine style game combine with the Luigi Mansion elements. I think that can be something amazing and fun concept. For example a full 3D environment where Luigi can run, jump, wall kick, etc but, fight and capture ghosts. I think an improvement based from the last games can make this work.

So those are some of my suggestions of games that Nintendo should really consider to look into for the Switch. Really those games can make some strong comebacks, other games I think they really need to look into is Star Fox, an actual 3D Kirby game, I think it is time for Kirby to have a 3D style adventure like Super Mario 64 and of course a new Animal Crossing game. Regardless of the case I personally believe that they are looking into these series and bring them to a new life for the Switch. If done right, some characters might even get a second life, just like Fire Emblem did. So what games you guys want Nintendo to work on for the Switch? Leave your comments down below don’t forget to Ground Pound the like Star and share this with your friends. Happy Gaming!

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