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What am I getting?


So every Thursday on one of my favorite gaming sites, IGN they have a show called “Up at Noon”. It’s a 45 minute to an hour show hosted by my two favorite goofballs Brian Altano and Max Scoville. So close to the end of the show they wanted to talk a little bit about the Nintendo Switch. Brian is a big Nintendo fan, much like myself and he shared what he will be getting come the launch of the Nintendo Switch. So I’d thought, I would share with you guys what am I getting March 3rd. So let’s get into it.

First item is the Nintendo Switch. I preordered mines through GameStop and I choose to go with the Gray colored console. I really thought about the neon colors but, skip on that and go with causal gray (because it looked cooler to me). Along with that, I preordered the Switch Pro Controller also. I thought about this long and hard before it went on preorder. I remember the great reception with Joy-Con grip got from my favorite sources (IGN, GameXplain) but, I knew that I was going to buy it so I put it down as well. Never got around to playing the “Binding of Issac” (I know shame on me) so I am picking that up that as well. I know about the game just never got a chance to pick it up on the consoles, I like the very morbid and depressing story behind it and the style of shooter it is, plus I like challenging games and this is one of them. Now we move over to Best Buy, I preordered “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild” there since I have their gamers club membership to save on that game. Also what I will be picking up soon from Best Buy is a micro SD 128GB, from Samsung for my Switch. This time around, I might do more digital with console while still maintaining a healthy amount of physical games as well. Eshop cards, probably up to $60 I plan to download “I am Setsuna” and maybe “Human Resources Machine” since they will there for the digital side of the Switch launch. If you read my “top favorite Switch accessories” I posted a few weeks back, well I finally made up my mind on what I am getting. It will be the Zelda pouch and the Switch screen protection kit which will come with a screen shield and a wipe, got to protect that screen from dust and scratches after all. Later on, I am going on a trip in a few months so I will buy the messenger bag (much later) to bring with so my friends and I can play together as well. At some point I will probably buy another set of Joy-Con controllers (even way later geez).

So to recap we have:

  • A Gray Nintendo Switch console $299.99
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $69.99
  • The Binding of Issac: Afterbirth+ $39.99
  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild $59.99 ($47.99 w/ Best Buy Gamers Club)
  • 128GB $50 (depending on which one I get)
  • Breath of the Wild carrying case $14.99
  • PDP Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit $7.99
  • $60 for the eShop

My god, that is a total of $600+ (my fiance just might kill me) but, fortunately, $200 of for the Switch was from saved up money leading up to the January 12th presentation and some game trades. So it won’t be too bad but, still a lot, I will have my bills paid for, so good vibes there. System launches and Nintendo made this happen and I can get a little crazy but, that’s me and I am big Nintendo fan. I am super excited for the Switch launch in basically thirty days from now, next week I will be heading to Washington D.C. for the Nintendo Switch early preview (Nintendo invited me, thanks guys). So what about you guys? How much are you going to drop come March 3rd for the Switch? Just the console and Zelda? Share down below in the comment section, don’t forget to ground pound the like star as well if you liked my post. Thank you for stopping by and reading, Happy Gaming!


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