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Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Ad


Yesterday Nintendo uploaded to their YouTube channel the extended version of their Nintendo Switch commercial that will air during Super Bowl 51 this Sunday, February 5th. Check out the trailer below:


This commercial  I love it! Really I do, this commercial shows the full features of the Nintendo Switch. The tabletop mode, handheld mode, TV mode all of it. This marketing is very clear and straight forward on the Switch will play with either solo players or a party. Core gamers or casual gamers can easily pick up and this console and have a blast while doing it. My favorite part was when the four college adults in the libaray were playing Splatoon 2 and you can see that three of them were playing in handheld and one with the TV. A further away player was playing in tabletop with the Switch Pro controller as her option, I love it. I probably have days where I play in tabletop and use the Switch Pro controller to play Splatoon or Zelda.

So what did you think about the Super Bowl commercial? Leave your comments down below don’t forget to ground pound the like Star also share with your friends and follow me on social media, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all with the handle @NintendoMikeC. Happy Gaming!


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