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My Top Favorite WiiU eShop games


So with basically the WiiU coming to a sad ending, I’d figure I will take a moment and reflect on some of its successes. Despite its poor sales and lack of major third-party support, there was a bright spot… their eShop. Which to me was the best part of the WiiU, with so many good titles to choose from great third party developers and indie  developers, the WiiU eShop help bring some mild success to the Nintendo hardware sales. Also keep in mind these games can only be the eShop, no retail games for that’s a list for another time. Also this will be listed in no particular order, just my favorite games on the eShop. So Lets Get Started!

Severed by DrinkBox Studios (The studio that brought you Guacamelee) is a RPG and Action/Adventure game where you take the role of a girl named Sasha, who arm was severed off and set off to avenge her family deaths. Armed with only a sword that is alive that grants her powers such as freeze or slow down time. A game that uses touch based controls that you can do battle, solve puzzles and find secrets that are hidden throughout the game. Plus along with a RPG-Style upgrade tree. With its dark and disturbing atmosphere throughout the game, disturbing monsters and very sad story, you will find yourself interested with monsters and interesting puzzles throughout the game. Plus, the fighting of different monsters are never the same for they are different in their attack and defensive patterns.

Affordable Space Adventures by KnapNok Games. OK so this is probably the most fun game to play with others ever. I am serious, you take the role of Engineer, Pilot or Navigator single player or distribute the role with you and your friends. You use a really, really affordable spaceship provided by a company called Uexplore, and you explore a planet which are stranded on and you have to send an SOS to escape. Now with either yourself, or your friends you have to take your ship and navigate throughout the land. By figuring how much thrust to use, or how much stabilizer you need to get through a narrow passage, or even should you even have the light on or not. This game will offer challenges you probably have never seen before. Pilots and navigator can use Wiimote + Nunchuck option or WiiU Pro controllers while the Engineer uses the WiiU gamepad for everything he or she needs will be displayed. Work together to get past your obstacles and have fun while playing.

Shantae Half Genie Hero from WayFoward (The Studio that brought Mighty Switch Force) is action/adventure platformer that you play as adorable heroine named Shantae is a half-genie for the land of Sequin. As you play as the titular character your job is to solve puzzles, defend the land, solve a small mystery of your past all while using your luscious purple locks to beat monsters, fishes and other exciting creatures of Sequin Land. Save up your gems to buy items, upgrade your hair whip speed and damage and various other items such as magic to help you on your journey. Now this game well… we actually don’t know if this a remake of the original game that came out on the Gameboy Color yesteryear or a re-imagining of set game. Oh well, regardless the game art is beautiful, the music is catchy and the overall fun factor is high.

Fast Racing Neo by Shin’en Studios (The Studio that brought the Nano Assault series). Do you like racing games and I mean racing games like F-Zero? While look no further than to the eShop, type in Fast Racing Neo and here will you have the CLOSEST thing to an F-Zero game that will come to a recent Nintendo system. Highly fast paced, highly challenging and super fun to play this racing game will put you on the edge of your seat. Choose from a variety of vehicles (unlocking more as you play) race through four cups (since release 2 more were added via Downloadable content). With amazing and hard to remember tracks, beautiful visuals and high octane racing in one package, along with a up to 8-player online multiplayer option, this is the closest thing to an F-Zero game not made by Nintendo will get. Plus this game is coming to the Switch as Fast RMX sometime in March. I cannot wait to play this on the go with 7 others (hopefully).

Lastly, Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games. My little mini-King of modern platformers take the role of a Knight who uses a Shovel to defeat his foes and many other Knights along the way to save his, Shield Knight. Along the way you can find items to help you on your quest, different types of armor, Shovel upgrades and many other upgrades you will find. Play a platformer the takes you back how classic platformers were back in the 80’s and 90’s. Challenging bosses, challenging stages where again your new items can help you, or give yourself a personal challenge by not getting them. Also take a moment in between levels to find many secrets like music sheets or meal tickets to upgrade your health. This game is extremely fun to play and there is a two-player option as well via the Shovel Knight Amiibo.  This game will also come to the Nintendo Switch as well later after it’s launch, with a proper two-player mode also utilizing its both Joy-Con controllers and no amiibo required.

So those are some my top favorite WiiU eShop games out now, while I know there is plenty more, I have sadly not played them yet. But, they are on my wishlist and I hope to play those games really soon (Axiom Verge is my top list). What are some of your favorite WiiU eshop games? Comment down below and share your opinions with me, I’d like to read them. Also don’t forget to leave a like as well and follow me on my social media, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all with the hand @NintendoMikeC thanks for reading and Happy Gaming!

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