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Nintendo and Third-Party friends can make these happen


So with only just over a month to go for the new  Nintendo Switch, I thought I bring a wish list if you will of games that Nintendo’s third-party friends can potentially bring to the Switch. These are just some of the games I know for sure not only myself but, many other fans would like to see to come to the Switch. With that said, let’s get into it shall we.

First thing first, with Capcom finding success with their star franchise Monster Hunter, finding a semi-permanent home in the West with the Nintendo 3DS. So it should come no surprise that I am sure someday we will hear about a new Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch. Why I think this? Easy, 8-player hunting party, with the fact that the Switch can communicate with a total of 8 Switch consoles, why the heck not. Think about it. Bigger, tougher and more challenging monsters that can require up to 8 players to bring down. The Switch can offer that for sure and with the on-the-go form factor you can hunt at any time of the day or night with friends or for the real challenges, lone wolf style. Also just imagine outside enjoy the weather while hunting for the world’s toughest monsters that Capcom can bring us. Monster Hunter can also see itself on a new home console as well, given the fact Monster Hunter last home console appearance was on the successful Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U, I think the time is now for Capcom to bring Monster Hunter back on home consoles again. Lastly if they want, like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had cross-play and cross-save function between the Wii U version and 3DS version, so there is that as well.

Next on my wish list, you guys remember seeing that From Software has also teamed up with Nintendo to bring software to the Switch? So it should come no surprise that I think a Dark Souls/Bloodbourne type of game with like I mention before 8 local Switch connectivity could happen. I love Dark Souls and Bloodbourne and if I have friends over and struggling with a boss or area of either games, an instant instant drop-in/drop-out would be great for that. We all know that sometimes both games still have problems looking for someone to help you out, so with local, can solve those problems. How will it be different? Seeing it on a Nintendo platform, From Software can design a dragon (for example) as a boss or optional boss named after Ridley and have some of it features. Like either regular Ridley from Super Metroid with its purple body, sharp tail, fire breath that can use as different tactics. Or the Mechanized style from the Prime franchise with the same features. Along with that, armor and weapon sets from games like the Legend of Zelda franchise with inspired perks from those games as well. For example you can find the Master Sword with full health, you shot light energy to deal damage with cost of magic, so you can’t spam it. Or a fire/ice type rods from The Link to the Past game for mage type players. I don’t know, but, if you ask me, I think Nintendo will allow those kind of influences with a Switch version of Dark Souls. I believe that would be pretty cool, along with Dark Souls balls to the wall difficultly add in a Ridley style dragon optional boss, while me rocking a Link inspired armor tunic set, I don’t care how many times I die, that will keep me glued to my TV or on my 6.2 screen.

Moving away from third-party support for a moment and move to the Big N themselves. I am sure that they are probably developing a port of Super Smash Bros. is just something that needs to come to the Switch. Which again I believe will and we can probably hear about it at E3 2017 (fingers crossed). With that I am sure Nintendo would like to bring at least 1-3 newcomers to the brawl. I think Inkling Boy/Girl would be an interesting dynamic with the using different variety of weapons like the classic splatter shot to the infamous roller from a quick to heavy style. Along with different variations of grenades like the water balloon or the mine that you can place and stick on opponents. Ice climbers would probably make a return for this version because everyone still wants them back. And I am not sure who could they bring in for a potential third character honestly. Could be a previous character or another totally new person to join in, regardless Smash will come to the Switch. Plus 8-player Smash will be easier to maintain with the local 8-player connectivity.

Coming back to third-party support, Gearbox needs to just have open optimism and just go ahead and bring their flagship series Borderlands. Yes I know that Randy Pitchford has shared his opinions and some slight optimism himself about the Switch. But, I think the Borderlands series and crazy, over-the-top and wackiness of their shooter can work on the Switch. Having the up to four player co-op option on the Switch with four friends as they loot hunt across Pandora can just work on the Switch. C’mon Randy, you said it yourself that you’re a Nintendo fan growing up, why not give it a try man please bring Borderlands to the Switch. You know you want too.

A real shot in the dark right here if you ask me, but, I would like to see Blizzard bring Diablo III to the Switch. Yes I have played and finished Diablo III on both Xbox360, Ps4, not so much on PC since I don’t have a gaming computer. But, with Diablo III best feature is its local co-op this can work its best right here. Having four people sit down and actually be able to have effective communication and coordination can work on the Switch to me at least. Plus the game art was beautiful and crisp graphics can run smoothly on the Switch. Like I said, a super shot in the dark, but, if Blizzard can get behind it, I think it will work for them. I am sure that there’s Nintendo fans out there that still probably never played Diablo III yet and the Switch can be the best opportunity to play it. Plus if it works out, who knows Overwatch can be next.

So there you have it, primarily four third-party games and just one first-party game that I would love to see the Nintendo Switch get. I know the last two are like super shoots in the dark but, a guy can dream right? I am sure you can relate. If not, what games would you like to see on the Switch? From any developer share with me on your thoughts down below. Don’t forgot to drop a like as well. Happy Gaming guys! See you in the next one.

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