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2017 Lets Get Ready


With less than a week away from probably one of the biggest presentations from Nintendo, the details of the Switch will be explained to us finally. Me personally I couldn’t be more excited for this console to come out. Not only that but, it comes out in two months. This crazy, get your money, get time off if you can and let’s have a grand time. Lets talk about what can expect to see January 12th, 2017.

First I just want to express that these are my exceptions and what I hope to see during the presentation. Please share yours in the comment section below.


The Nintendo eShop as a whole, yes this the first thing I want to talk about. In recent times Nintendo has done a great job supporting small indie developments studios to bring great games such as the Shantae franchise from WayForward, Axiom Verge, Jotun and Affordable Space Adventures to name a few. These game made the eShop an amazing online front to find great games at great costs and great options to play outside of Mario and Zelda games. But one concern that has a lot of us that put a lot of money in the eShop are probably thinking the same as me, “What sort of backwards compatibility can we expect for our last console purchases?” Yes, to me this a concern with the abilities of what the Switch possess having those games being able to play on the Switch console would be great, without having to repurchase them again. I am hoping that with the help both Nintendo Network and My Nintendo they’ll be able to backtrack your purchases. If they do, then backwards compatibility would be something to look forward too.


Next Games of course. I mean why not, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was shown on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon last month giving the Switch first public appearance before this presentation. So that leads the next question “What games can we expect at launch or the first 30 days of launch?” Lets remember that Nintendo has probably like over 20 plus third-party developers supporting this console such as Ubisoft, From Software, Namco Bandai, and many others. But, not only just third party devs, what about them? Remember that Mario game that was shown near the end of the trailer announcement?  Lets hope that shows up, a new 3D Mario game is what we need, wasn’t the last 3D Mario game was Super Mario 3D World? Yes, time for a new 3D Mario Game. Right now, those are the two I am looking forward too. I don’t know anything else. And yea, I can talk about the rumored games like NBA 2K or Skyrim but, those aren’t confirmed yet from their studios yet so we will just have to wait and see. Plus I just don’t believe any rumors that talks about the games.

Hardware, what is inside this awesome thing? As far a little details go, we know that Nvidia is providing both graphical and computing. Outside of that we don’t know the battery life, or official resolution and other factors. But, let’s think for a moment, Nvidia was playing on releasing a second generation version of their popular Shield Tablet. Before they could talk about it more, it was cancelled (this was back during the summer of 2016 I believe) now fast forward to now, this is basically the Shield tablet 2. The first tablet featured a 1900×1200 Full HD resolution, Quad-Core 2.2 Ghz Processor unit, 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM. To this day, this tablet is very hard to find, plus it’s still one of the best tablets to own. So knowing Nvidia, they will probably push those old specs even further and better than ever. Tablets today with higher processing power, even higher resolutions of up to 4K can last more than up 8 hours. So all these rumors about lasting 3 hours or whatever, don’t believe it. Just look back to those specs of the first Shield tablet and you’ll have nothing to fear.

Lastly online, Nintendo it is TIME to embrace the online gaming area and don’t shy away from it. You should brilliance with Splatoon bring that same hard work and passion to other games that deserves a multiplayer treatment like Star Fox or Metroid.

So those are what I am expecting to hopefully see next week. I am not asking a lot personally but, The Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild is all I want and I know it will be a launch title. Rumors are rumors remember they are not always true guys. Until Nintendo discloses it don’t believe it.

Happy Gaming and remember to be kind.



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