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Nintendo Switch…I can not wait


Hey Guys,

NintendoMikeC here, so I am sure by now you guys know about Nintendo’s upcoming home console called the Nintendo Switch right? You have great, if you haven’t here is a the world premiere trailer for it:

So, its been over a month now since the trailer premiered and after hearing from various other gaming publication sites gave their feedback, I’d figure I would give mines. So here we go!

Firstly I want to say after watching this trailer over and over again, I am really excited for this console to come out. I love the concept of utilizing of what the Nintendo 3DS brings to the table and bring what the Wii U should have been to begin with. Which you can play full HD console gaming on the go. Yes this work in favor for Nintendo, here is why. With the ever so growing market of mobile gaming nobody, but, Nintendo has been able to bring console quality gaming on the go. Without the need of bringing some kind of mini monitor with a power source while out and about. By doing this, Nintendo is changing once again the gaming industry. The easy transition from playing on your TV via a dock, to going outside for work just to enjoy the weather outside is awesome. Then the multiplayer aspect that was shown several times, is one new unique way to play with others. Weather it is playing using the new controllers called Joycons or using multiple Switches to do what can be pretty sure done by system linking, odds are that is going to be on great way to play games on the Nintendo Switch.  Now in the trailer we saw a few games that was showcased a little big. One of the big ones was the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which originally was released on November 11, 2011. Now, this is a game made by Bethesda which shows major huge third-party support for this console another big win for Nintendo. Another third-party game that was showed the popular basketball video game series, NBA 2K or what people are believing to be NBA 2K. Anyone catch that tiny glimpse of a new 3D Mario game? Yes, it’s an unofficial/official confirmation of a new Mario game will be coming to the Switch as well. Other titles that were also shown were Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon to showcase more the unique multiplayer approach to the console.

This is truly amazing and I can’t wait. Now of course there will always be concerns. Which I do have a few myself. But, my biggest one battery, if you have the New Nintendo 3DS system depending on your settings I’am sure you can probably get a good up to 6 hours of play while on battery. So that is the major one, which I am sure Nintendo can address the battery. If they want this to work well, that battery has to be in top shape to handle console gaming while out and about. Next games, what new ORIGINAL games are coming. The games that were showed off were primarily maybe ports to the Switch. Outside of the new Mario and Zelda Breath of the Wild what else is new for it. March 2017 which the planned time to released is coming soon, less than 3 months from now. Lets hope something great.

What are your thoughts on the Switch. Share your thoughts also. Thanks for reading.

Be Kind to one another.


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  1. Good post! I honestly can’t believe how excited I am for the Switch. Everything I’ve seen so far has been amazing, and I’m really hoping Nintendo seals the deal for gamers everywhere with their Jan 12th conference All we need to decently powerful hardware, a good price, and decent batter life and they’ve got this!

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